Career Change Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs

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Many of us decide that the career we have been working in for however many years is not the one for us. We dream of switching to a more enjoyable and fulfilling career that makes us feel happy to get up each morning. Many of us decide to take the plunge and change careers.

If you are one such person and you’re thinking about changing careers, to give yourself the best chance of success, here are some common career change mistakes that you should never make:

Quitting a career because you hate the job

This might sound weird, but often, it is not actually the career you hate, but the particular job you are doing. If that is the case, then quitting the career altogether is a really bad idea because you will already have tons of qualifications and experience behind you.

That’s why, before you decide to change careers, you should sit down and think about whether it really is the career you want to leave behind or simply the unfulfilling job with the unsupportive employer, for example. After all, changing jobs is much easier than changing careers.

Not doing your research

You might think you would love to be a fitness instructor or an accountant, but unless you truly understand what that career entails and what kind of duties you will need to perform, you can never be 100 percent sure that is the case. That is why you need to do as much research as you can about the field you are interested in, and try to get some work experience before you commit, so you can truly see what it is like to do that job. 

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Not getting qualified

It’s obvious, but if you are changing careers, your existing qualifications might not be quite up to scratch for the new role you are seeking. That’s why, before you quit your existing job you should get your 200 hour online yoga teacher training or your accounting certification. But, of course, only do this once you are absolutely sure of the kind of career you want.

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Not networking

If you do not start networking the second you are considering changing careers, then you are making a huge mistake. The more people you know who are already working in the industry you wish to work in, the easier it will be to find an in, get an interview, and get hired. Who you know is absolutely as important as what you know in the world of work, and you’d be foolish not to use that to your advantage.

Not having the right motivations

If you decide to change careers purely for the money or because the working hours are better, chances are you will end up just as disillusioned as you are now in a few years, far better to take a holistic approach and choose a career that ticks as many boxes as possible.

Avoid these common career change mistakes and hopefully, you can find a brand new path to work-based fulfillment. I wish you every success.

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