How To Style Diamonds & Not Look Like Your Grandma

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Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend but that doesn’t mean they’re always the easiest pieces to wear. Here are a few ways you can incorporate your diamond jewelry into everyday looks to get the most wear out of them and add a little sparkle to your day.

Less Is More

Unless you’re specifically going for a maximalist, over-the-top look then it’s a good idea to stick to just one stand-out piece of jewelry when it comes to diamonds. This can elevate your look and shows you’ve put thought into each aspect of your outfit as well as the overall feel. For example, a diamond necklace can add a touch of elegance without overshadowing your whole outfit

Mix and Match

Don’t be shy about wearing vintage diamond jewelry alongside modern pieces. In fact, mixing an old family heirloom with a more modern piece can help you create a unique look in which both pieces have a story to tell. Layering classic and contemporary jewelry and wearing it alongside each other adds a depth to your look.


Turning a vintage find or your great-grandmother’s old diamond into a new piece of jewelry can be a great way to give a piece a new lease of life and make it match your own personality.

If the style of a diamond necklace isn’t quite right for you, it’s easy to switch up the feel of the piece with a different length or type of chain but you might also decide to have your diamond jewelry completely redesigned and repurposed. This allows you to make more drastic, permanent alterations, such as turning a ring into a necklace or earrings or even a brooch.

The possibilities are endless and the great thing about repurposing jewelry is that it prevents it from being stuck in a drawer, unused and unworn because the style isn’t quite right. Plus there are environmental benefits too.

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Choose Focal Points

It’s a good idea to keep your diamond jewelry to no more than three areas. For example, you might choose to wear a diamond ring, along with a necklace and earrings, or swap the necklace for a bracelet etc.) This ‘no more than 3’ rule will prevent you from going overboard with your look.

Focal points can also be used in another way either to draw attention to certain areas of your body (or away from areas you might be self-conscious about.) You could wear a large statement ring if you’re going to be greeting guests at a party, for example. Similarly, a statement necklace can draw attention to the neckline of your dress or up to your face. Meanwhile, if you’re nervous about a presentation, an eye-catching brooch or stacked bracelets will draw your audience’s attention away from your face.

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