5 Things to Consider Before Going Camping

two women sitting in front of burning firewood

With the warm weather now having arrived in the UK, it’s the season for the great outdoors – and for sleeping in the great outdoors, too. Camping trips have a divisive reputation. For some, they’re a way to get close to the natural world; for others, they’re uncomfortable and irritating.

Getting the most from your camping trip usually means putting in the groundwork and research, and preparing ahead of time. Let’s take a look at a few things you might want to consider before you head out.

Choose the perfect camping location

Your ideal camping location will depend to a large extent on what you’d like to get from the trip. Do you want to camp beside a lake, or a river? Are you going to need creature comforts and amenities, like toilets and showers?

In some cases, you’ll arrive at the campsite and find that it’s just a field. Sometimes, you’ll get a fixed spot to camp in, complete with power outlets. You should also think about how you can get from the site to the activities you might want to engage in during the trip. If you’re intending to do a lot of hiking, then having a campsite that’s near to a trail might be a good idea.

How are you going to get to the site?

For most people, the easier the campsite is to access by car, the better. Others are looking for a more isolated and secluded experience, which by necessity will mean that it’s difficult to reach. For the most part, public transport doesn’t extend to campsites, which means that driving is often your only option. If you’re going to be carpooling with other people, then you can easily get them insured to drive your car with the help of short-term car insurance.

Make a checklist

To get the best from your trip, there are certain items that you’ll definitely want to take with you. These include necessities like sleeping bags and tents, as well as extra luxury items like books. By making a list, you’ll ensure that nothing is forgotten – which, since you’re going to be out in the middle of nowhere, can often be disastrous.


Don’t pack any more clothes than you need for the duration of the trip, but be sure that you have spares to hand – after all, things are likely to get messy.

Cooking Equipment

A portable stove and kettle will help you to stay nourished throughout your trip. While you can make a campfire yourself from bits of dried wood, this tends to be more effort than many are willing to go to – and you could be breaking the law if you’re collecting timber in the wrong way.

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