8 Best Bridesmaid Proposal Gifts for Your Squad

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Once the marriage proposal happens, you want to hit the ground running with wedding plans. But before that, you need a team that is dedicated to making your job easier. The best people for the job are your bridal party people, so you must propose for them to journey with you. To nail the bridesmaid proposal, you will need some meaningful “Will you be my bridesmaid?” gifts. They could be as luxurious or affordable as your budget allows. So, if you are looking for tips and ideas for the best bridesmaid gifts, check this post for our engaged box, jewelry, mod party boxes, and more.

Bridal box subscription

Bridesmaid proposal ideas don’t get better than the bridal subscription box from misstomrs. This miss to Mrs. Bridal box is the ultimate gift you can give to yourself and even the bridesmaids. If you are getting the bride box for yourself, opt for the ten-themed box with any of the four plans tailored to your wedding day. These boxes contain goodies like spa and beauty essentials, party, and decor items. They also feature merch, tips, planners, calendars, vow books, jewelry, and other items that can guide you through the wedding planning process. For the bridesmaids, you can opt for a custom wedding subscription box that contains goodies beneficial to your girls. Getting these bridal box subscriptions gives you access to the Mrs. Shop where you get 20% discounts on items. You will also enjoy the planning bundle, a community of brides and hands-on expert planners to the tune of $30. It’s a ton of benefit for you and your bridesmaids, so don’t miss out.

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Jumbo bridesmaid proposal box

The jumbo box of bridesmaid’s proposal gifts is like Christmas. It contains everything that would have your bridesmaids jumping for joy. Think about fluffy robes or satin pajamas, sweet goodies, sentimental bridesmaid jewelry, personalized wine, hair and body care, nail polish, hair, nails, skin vitamins, and scents. Top off this collection with a handwritten note filled with meaningful words. No one can say no to such a package.

Spa gift box

Treat your girls to a spa on the go with one of our most creative bridal proposal box ideas. We love the spa gift box because it contains enough goodies for a weekend of self-care. Fill the box with French lavender scented cozy body slippers, neck and back massagers, hooded loungers, and chamomile bath foam. You can also add some bath salts, masks, scrubs, candles, soaps, lotions, and hand creams. This is evidently a luxury box, hence, applicable to only brides that want to splurge. However, if your budget doesn’t leave room for these, you can gift your bridesmaids any of these luxury items.

Jewelry box

Bridal party proposal gifts can be for a while or a lifetime. Considering jewelry as the bridal party asking for gifts is for a lifetime. What better way to make a ride or die pact with your friends than matching jewelry. Opt for delicate necklaces or chokers with the birthstones or the Zodiac sign if possible. You can also buy stylish bracelets that are engraved, customized, or monogrammed specifically for them. If you want something a bit more functional, get them glamorous earrings laced with crystals, opal, onyx, pearl, or gold. They could be studs or danglers. Other options are brooches, hair clips or pieces, barrettes, and arm cuffs. Ensure you get the same for yourself as solidarity. Who knows? The jewelry might come in handy for the wedding.

Personalized mod party gift box

A personalized mod party gift box is one of the most unique bridesmaid box ideas. You can propose to your girls and prepare them for the celebration with a mod box. Fill it with personal and party essentials like compact powders, lip balm, and nail polish topped with a bottle of wine. Then add photo booth props for the bridal shower, sunglasses, stickers, balloons, disposable cameras, gums, trivia cards, and a possible hint of your wedding destination. This is an exciting box because it tells the girls what to expect leading to her big day.

A box of sweet goodies

Consider ‘tres chic’ gifts to ask bridesmaids on your train. Treat your girls to premium truffles for exotic palates. A box of air ganache topped with chocolate and cocoa powder is just perfect. Lean towards variants like the classic dark chocolate or champagne cognac-infused truffles. You may also add breakable chocolate hearts, candy sets, proposal cookies, chips, M&M, and s’mores to the mix. Finish up this package with mini bottles of wine, and a pack of succulents for aesthetics. Wrap up a box with ribbons and you are good to go.

Beauty essentials

Sometimes, all a girl needs are items she wouldn’t normally think about. Curate beauty bridesmaid proposal boxes for the bridal party proposal that they would love. You don’t have to break the bank as you can get and customize cardstock boxes for a token. Fill them with hyped beauty products like hair oil, lip balms, power mists, scrunches, candles, and more. You can also add bobby pins, a mirror, a pain reliever, clear nail polish, mini blotting tissue, double-sided tape, and hair spray for good measure. We promise that you would get a resounding yes from girls that would go all out to see the wedding succeed.

Exotic scents

Opt for unusual bridesmaids gifts with scents. Saturate their lives with sweet fragrance by curating a box of sweet-smelling goodies. Think about scented candles for relaxation like blends of cotton candy & fresh fruit with vanilla undertones. You can also consider aromatic and oud scents, soy candles, wooden crackle wicks, and more. Add some fragrance and essential oils to the box for massage and other activities. Reed diffusers for the home, mists, scented body oils and sprays are also great ideas. Lastly, top the box with a mini perfume set, niche perfume, or signature scent. Ensure that all of these items are either vegan or naturally sourced.

Whether you are on a budget or not, the bridal party proposal is essential. You must formally ask your girls to get involved in planning your big day properly. “Will you be my bridesmaid?” Gifts are the way to go and we have beautiful ideas that you can embrace. They are affordable, practical gifts geared towards beautifying and relaxing your bridesmaids towards the big day or giving them maximum enjoyment.

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