Should You Get an Electric Car?

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Are you thinking about getting an electric car? This is something that many motorists are considering right now, especially with the cost of fuel rising and showing no sign of coming back down anytime soon. This post will look at a few of the key benefits and drawbacks of making the switch so that you can make an informed decision.

Environmental Benefits

Of course, one of the major benefits is that you are reducing your environmental impact considerably. Fully electric cars produce zero emissions unlike traditional fossil-fueled vehicles, so you can do your part to reduce environmental damage by making the switch to an electric.

Lower Running Costs

Another major benefit is that you can save a huge amount on your running costs over the long term. Obviously, you will not have to pay for fuel, which is especially helpful right now with the skyrocketing cost of fuel. In addition to this, you do not pay any road tax for zero-emission vehicles and there are fewer moving parts, which reduces the chances of needing repairs and can help you to save on maintenance costs.

Be Future Ready

It is also helpful in terms of getting ready for the future. The government has plans to stop the sale of all new petrol and diesel cars from 2030, so now is a good time to get used to these types of vehicles. Additionally, you are seen an increasing number of clean air zones and charges being introduced for cars that pollute.

Higher Upfront Cost

The main drawback when it comes to an electric car is the upfront cost, plus the plug-in grant has recently been axed by the Government. Motorists will also have to factor in the cost of getting an EV charger fitted in their home (or if this is even a realistic option) as this will need to be done by a qualified specialist. Although more expensive upfront, you need to consider the long-term savings that you will make. 

Shorter Distances

Another consideration is that you will not be able to travel as far on a single charge than you can on a full tank. While this could be an issue, you will find that battery technology has improved a lot in recent times and the average is around 260 miles. In addition to this, the charging infrastructure in the UK is constantly improving (although charge times can still be an issue and will be much slower than filling up a tank). 

These are a few of the key considerations when deciding whether or not to buy an electric. There are many benefits and traditional vehicles will slowly be phased out, but it is important to be aware of a few of the potential issues when it comes to electric cars so that you are well prepared. 

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