How Women Can Cope with Hair Loss

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Hair loss can be isolating, but the truth is that you are not alone in your experience. Many women around the world experience excessive hair loss, most commonly due to conditions like androgenetic alopecia which affects millions of people every day. It can be difficult to come to terms with, due to the confidence hair can provide. However, there are ways to adapt to the changes, so that you do not feel this way forever.

Learn to Accept Hair Loss

Discovering hair loss issues can come as a shock, but it is possible to learn to accept it with time. Be patient with the process. The best things to do when learning to accept hair loss is to avoid looking for miracle cures which are often swindles that will spark hope and then cause disappointment, and to recognize that beauty exists beyond hair. People are more than the appearance of hair, and more than their hair loss. To realize this, it can help to join a support group to feel part of a community that not only understands hair loss but relates to it.

Explore and Experiment with Wigs 

A positive aspect of hair loss is discovering how much people become set on one look, missing the fun of experimenting. Indulging in this can be done by exploring wigs, which come in a variety and colors to suit any preference. Not only can this be a way to disguise hair loss, but it can be fun to try new looks, providing a boost of confidence. It could be worth purchasing cheaper versions to begin with to find a style that feels comfortable, before investing in high-quality wigs that offer longevity even with everyday wear.

Consider a Hair Transplant

Finding miracle treatments that are promising at first but do not deliver, and just waste money, is disheartening. However, there are genuine options out there. If hair restoration is the goal, one of the only effective solutions is a hair transplant. A hair transplant refers to a medical procedure in which hairs in the body are removed from the follicle and placed to fill bald spots. The results are not only natural but permanent too, meaning that the improved self-esteem is not temporary, and areas showing hair loss are eliminated forever. If this sounds appealing, search for clinics that offer hair transplants UK or US depending on which is local.

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Speak to Medical Professionals

As well as hair transplant practitioners, other medical professionals can play a part throughout a hair loss journey. Coping alone might not be productive, and it can help to reach out to people with expertise. Whether to reduce hair loss or benefit mental wellbeing. This can include:

  • Trichologists – to identify the cause of the problem and discuss the next steps with a specialist in the field
  • Psychologist – to assess any mental or emotional issues, and receive treatment for stress, anxiety, and/or depression to feel more positive (this can be both a cause of hair loss and arise because of it)

Women experiencing hair loss can cope by learning to accept their condition by practicing body positivity and joining support groups, exploring, and experimenting with wigs for a more affordable, temporary solution and boost of confidence, or considering a hair transplant for permanent results. Beyond this, women learning to cope with hair loss should not hesitate to speak to medical professionals in hair and scalp medicine and psychologists. By receiving help, the severity of the hair loss can potentially be reduced, and support will be provided throughout the journey so that it stops intervening with daily life.

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