4 Ways to Kick Productivity’s Butt

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How to Improve Your Productivity 

Staying motivated is not always an easy task – and it can be hard to feel your most productive when you have so much going on in your life. Here are some tips and tricks to help you increase your productivity, whether this be in work or in general day to day life. 

Take breaks

It may sound counter-intuitive but taking breaks can actually help you stay more productive in the long run. It can reduce the risk of burnout, helping you structure your day into manageable chunks – meaning that the work you do within these sections is likely to be of a higher quality, as you have more attention. Breaks can help lower stress and find creative solutions to any problems that you may experience, allowing you to relax and then re-focus on the task at hand.

Listen to music

Creating a playlist that mimics the flow of your day can help kickstart your work rate and put you in a better place mentally. There are many pre-made lists on Spotify or Apple music,  to save you time creating one yourself. Why not pick up some new Bluetooth wireless headphones so you don’t have to be near your phone, or making everyone else in the office listen to your tunes! 

Set goals

Goal setting has been getting a lot of attention as of lately – and for good reason as well. Setting small, realistic goals throughout the day will help you know what to focus on, as well as motivating you to complete more work through the satisfaction and pride you feel after completing each one. These don’t have to be anything crazy, it could be simply to just clear out your inbox by lunchtime or draft up a contract by the end of the week – but putting a time frame on each goal it can help you to stop putting the task off. Make sure that you reward yourself after every goal is completed, whether this is a tea break or a walk to the shop.

Minimise distractions

Distractions are inevitable, and sometimes no matter how hard we try they are impossible to avoid entirely. This being said there are a few ways in which we can create a more productive workspace, to keep you focused on the task at hand. Try turning your personal phone onto do not disturb and emergency only, so that you are not distracted by notifications and alerts that are irrelevant.  Have a plan the night before, or the morning that you get to work so you know what you need to do for the day, and anything that is not a high-priority task can be left for another day to complete. 

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