What Type of Clothes Will Make Your Body Shape Look Its Best?

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How to Style Your Body Shape

Style is not something that can be adopted precisely, or universalized as good or bad. Style is subjective and every human being has his or her unique sense of style. It is the juxtaposition of how clothing looks and the way one carries itself, among other factors which contribute to defining one’s style. Consider it as a kind of language that says a lot more about you than words. Everyone has the desire to stand out and personal style commands a lot of say in fulfilling this desire. 

For ladies, this sense of style is a little deeper. The combination of natural beauty with adequate style is a lethal one. It is a source of confidence and taking pride in one’s self. However, there is a fine line between taking pride in who you are and chasing the illusion of some ideal self. The whole point of fashion is to feel great in the looks you love. What suits you reflect your style. The thing that can’t be stressed enough is the importance of originality. A beautiful piece of clothing will not necessarily look good on everybody. The trick is to find your style and not just fall for the trends. 

Many women out there struggle in deciding what will look good on them. The color combination and fabric are important but it is the fit that plays the deciding role. Once you try an outfit that fits you perfectly, you immediately know it is the one for you. The key to a good fit is your body shape. For women, getting an outfit that compliments their figure is the real goal. This is not possible if you don’t select your dresses as per your body shape. Building an exquisite wardrobe is no biggie once you learn how to dress for your body type. The plan here is to get dresses that excite you and make you feel confident about your looks. 

How to measure Body Shape?

The first step is to measure your body from the following three parts to determine your body shape. You will need a measuring tape.


You have to place your tape around the bust at the fullest point. It shouldn’t be tight but comfortable. Note the measurement.


The narrowest part of your waist is above your belly button but measure from where you keep your waistband.


Here too, measure by wrapping the tape at the fullest point. Also, consider your underwear.

Once you get all these measurements, put them in the body shape calculator and you will get your accurate body shape. You will have one of the following body shaped described.

Hourglass Shape

The hourglass shape can be summarized as

  • Slim Waist
  • Bigger bust and hips along with fuller thighs.
  • Bust and hip measurements have a slight difference.

Dress Recommendation

You should look for dresses with proportionate top and bottom parts with a defined waistline. The body can be defined as curvy. Fit dresses along with belts to show the naturally defined waistline, pencil skirts, and high waist pants will do just fine. These styles are especially appropriate for the office, many of which you can find at Suitably.

Pear Shape

If you have a pear shape you have a somewhat triangular look that is characterized by:

  • Fuller hips
  • Narrow shoulders
  • The waist is bigger than the bust.

Dress Recommendation

As the lower body is visibly more significant than the upper, outfits should enhance the lower body while adding definition to the upper body. Skinny jeans with loose tops, crop tops, scoop necks, wide-legged pants, and A-line skirts will look good.

Apple Shape

  • Broad shoulders.
  • No defined waist.
  • Rounder stomach.
  • Average bust.

Dress Recommendation

Choose dresses that add definition to your hips and enhance your broad shoulders. Straight-cut jeans and pencil-cut skirts will look good with tops. Avoid layering the upper body and V-neck will do fine.

Athletic Shape

  • Rectangle shape
  • No curves
  • Shoulders and hips are roughly even.
  • Straight up waist.
  • Even weight distribution.

Dress Recommendation

Not much definition to figure out. Try A-line skirts, layered tops, and dresses that add definition to your body. Layering can be a good option with blazers, and long coats. The goal should be to make your upper body look fuller.

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