4 Ways to Create Garden Storage Space

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Whether your garden is small or large, there’s one thing it will always need, and that’s storage space. It could be gardening tools, outdoor cushions or play equipment, but there’s always something that needs stowing away when it’s not in use. Good storage helps to protect your belongings from the harsh weather and reduces garden clutter and hazards. So, it’s an essential part of your garden.

If you’re looking to improve your garden storage space, here’s four ways to do it.

Build a shed

Let’s start with the most obvious solution. A garden shed is ideal for many homeowners. Even a basic wooden shed gives you enough space to store your lawn mower and tools. And they come in a variety of woods and styles with door openings at the front or side to suit your needs. The only downside here is a wooden shed needs seasonal maintenance to keep it in good condition. 

Alternatively, a plastic and metal shed may suit you better as they need minimal maintenance. And plastic versions are easy for a single person to erect. 

The cost of a brick shed is up to five times more expensive but it could be the best choice if you need storage that’s solid and secure. It’s ideal if you want to store expensive items such as power tools and bikes. And it could last for many more years than a plastic or wood version.

But whatever type of shed you decide on, you’ll need a level and solid base as a starting point for your build.

Use storage boxes

If you have bulky items but not enough space for a shed, then a storage box could be the answer. Plastic, metal and wood versions are available in a range of sizes, and they can be top or front opening. So, it’s as versatile an option as a shed. Plus, they’re usually easier than a shed to put together and don’t need anchoring to a base.

A wooden storage box made from slats fits in well with a traditional garden scheme and has the advantage of being paintable. This means you can refresh it with a new color palette whenever you fancy a change. As wood is easy to screw into, this type of storage is customizable with compartments to help keep things organized. But if you choose a metal or plastic box, it’s still possible to organize it using tubs or weatherproof boxes inside.

If space is really tight, a flat-topped, front opening box will allow you to utilize the space on top for planting or for use as a storage shelf. But if you’re living in a wet climate, a sloped top may be best to ensure water drains off it. 

Pick furniture with storage

If your space is compact or you don’t want a bulky box taking up valuable space in your garden, then you may want a more discrete storage solution. And storage that’s integrated with outdoor furniture may just tick the box. 

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Storage seats are the most common choice with benches and outdoor sofas capable of holding tools, outdoor cushions, and kids’ toys amongst other things. But there are other options too. Tables and serving trolleys are great options for keeping entertaining and outdoor dining spaces free from clutter. And trolleys have handy wheels to help keep small spaces flexible.

But don’t forget other handy furnishings such as potting and growing tables too. These can have shelving or cupboard space as well as space to pot up and grow your veggies or plants. So, they’re ideal for keen gardeners, even if your garden space is just a courtyard.

Make use of the walls

If space is really at a premium or existing storage is currently overflowing, then you could look to make better use of the walls and fences. The vertical space in a garden is often overlooked for both gardening and storage. But you can get really creative here, and potentially double your usable garden space. 

In fact, you could mix wall-hung planters and climbing shrubs with outdoor shelving, racks and hooks. If you have a sturdy enough wall, you could even mount a cabinet. There are some on the market that pull down to open giving you a ledge for use as a bistro table, bar or potting shelf. 

Vertical space is useful for storing hoses, hand tools and more on simple hooks. Meaning you can keep all your garden paraphernalia tucked away without the need for a shed at all. Of course, if you have a mower, strimmer and other equipment, you’ll still find a shed the best option.

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