10 Must-Have Beach Supplies For Perfect Summer Days

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Put on your sunscreen. Don’t forget a stylish hat. Can’t forget about your trendy new pair of swim trunks. You know all the basics to bring to the beach — like a towel, but how about other things like an umbrella or cooler, and which are the best ones to get for a day at the beach? Keep reading and check out our list of the ten best beach supplies for your next beach day.

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Beach Tote Bag

It’s best to have a designated beach bag for the beach. That way, you’ll have one dedicated bag with all of your beach items whenever you go to the beach. Towel? Sunscreen? Beach hat? It’s all right there in your insulated beach tote bags. Some popular styles include canvas totes and straw totes. You can also try graphic print tote bags depending on your own unique style. Some popular styles include canvas totes and straw totes. You can also try graphic print tote bags depending on your own unique style.

Beach Wagon

According to the United States Lifesaving Association, Americans make more than 400 million visits to the beach each year. That’s a lot of visits and also a lot of stuff to carry to the beach. A beach wagon makes it easy to bring all of your stuff back and forth to the beach. If you’re carrying heavier items that are too heavy to carry or too large for the tote bag, put them in the wagon. That can include items like beach chairs or beach umbrellas.

Your Bathing Suit

Unless you’re going to a beach that doesn’t require clothing, chances are you’re going to need to pack a bathing suit. Don’t just grab any old pair of trunks you have lying around. Get some unique-looking and sustainable swimwear. This summer, opt for styles in bold abstract designs and bright neon prints.

Wide-Brim Sun Hat

A wide-brim sun hat will help protect your hair and your face from the sun. You should still wear sunscreen, but the sun hat will act as an extra layer of protection. There’s something about a nice, floppy hat that just signals you’re ready for summer. Your wide-brim sun hat easily pairs with men’s swim trunks. If the wide-brim sun hat is not your thing, just try a visor or baseball cap instead.

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Sunscreen can feel like such a hassle to put on, but it doesn’t have to be. If you’re not the kind of person that likes putting on sunscreen that feels like a sticky lotion, try a spray-on sunscreen instead. It’s quick and easy to put on. Plus, the spray-on sunscreen is easier to spray on those hard-to-reach places like your back. Besides applying sunscreen to all areas of your skin that are exposed to the sun, consider wearing a light beach cover-up such as beach shirts for men.

Hydrating Lip Balm

We focus so much on tanning and protecting the rest of our skin that we forget about our lip balm. A hydrating lip balm will help keep your lips moist when it’s a hot summer day. Try a lip balm with built-in SPF to protect your lips from the sun too.

Sun Protective Hair Spray

Yes, your hair needs protection from the sun too. Get a sun protective hair spray. That way, you can protect your strands and your scalp all at once. Putting SPF on your scalp and hair is just as important as the sunscreen you put on the rest of your skin. Don’t forget to spray sunblock along your hairline and your hair part. Doing so will help prevent damage to your scalp.

Beach Sunshade

If you’re sensing a theme here, you’re right. We’re all about making sure your skin is protected from the sun! Sometimes sunglasses are not enough to protect your eyes from the sun rays. Your sunscreen is nice, but frankly, some summer days are hotter than others. Don’t let the sun beat down on you when you’re trying to read a book or scroll through your phone on the beach. Get a beach sunshade. You can get one that’s your own personal sunshade for one person or a larger one for the whole family to enjoy.

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Waterproof Playing Cards

If you’re going to the beach with the family or are just the kind of person who would enjoy playing a game at the beach, bring waterproof playing cards. Unlike a regular deck of cards, these waterproof cards come with a special coating that will help prevent them from getting all soggy from ocean water. 

Foldable Beach Table

You’re going to get hungry and thirsty at the beach. It’s awkward to eat while you’re lying down. You don’t want to get sand in your food or your drink. Get a foldable beach table. It’s easy to transport. You’ll be able to eat your lunch and drink your beer (if your beach allows it) like a civilized human being.

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