Word Scramble Tips & Hacks

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The Word Scramble or the jumbled words game is a fun game that was invented in 1954. In this game, letters are scrambled up together and you have to unscramble them to make a word. 

The player’s job is to rearrange the letters to form some meaningful words which will help the player to win the game. For example- OHLEL can be rearranged to form HELLO. 

A game of Word Scramble sharpens and strengthens the mind of a player. It helps the player to think quickly and to make smart moves. 

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How to Play a Game of Word Scramble? 

Word Scramble is believed to be one of the most exciting indoor games that someone can play to curb their boredom. A Word Scramble game is also known as unscrambling. 

However, a game of Word Scramble can often be very challenging for a little kid. This game has been designed to sharpen a kid’s vocabulary and grammar. 

This game is a good tool if you want your child to learn new words without any problems. The kids are given some rearranged letters from which they have to make sense. 

The way to play this game depends on your mode of playing the game as in whether you are playing the game on an online platform or with your friends in real-time. 

If you are playing the Word Scramble game on an online platform, then you should look at the letters carefully and click on them in the order you wish them to be in. 

Here’s a pro tip: You can generate words with provided letters using this tool to help you win the next Scramble round!

However, if you are playing this game with your friends in real-time then look at the letters carefully and place them on the board in the order you wish to place them. 

Tips to Play Word Scramble 

There are many tips and tricks that you can use as a beginner. Here are some of them, we hope these tips help you to earn good points:

The Arrangement of Letters

A set of scrambled words or some jumbled words can be reorganized in a variety of different ways. Hence, here we have mentioned some of the different styles of arrangements that you can make.

The Horizontal Letter Arrangement 

The letters of a jumbled word can be placed horizontally, one after the other. This arrangement looks like a row of alphabets that are arranged haphazardly. 

The Vertical Letter Arrangement

The scrambled letters can be rearranged and placed vertically one after the other letter. This can be done like it is in a column of letters. 

The Triangular Letter Arrangement

The letters of a word can be present in the shape of a triangle. We can pick letters in three different methods:- 

You can either pick up letters from the y-axis and then create a meaningful word, or you can pick up a letter from the x-axis to create a word out of the given scrambled words. 

Moreover, you can even use the scattered letters that are there in the triangle to create a meaningful word. Hence, you should follow this method whenever you wish to create a heavy or lengthy word. 

Type Quickly

If you are playing the online Word Scramble and if you have a habit of typing quickly, then using a keyboard will be very effective and beneficial for you. 

The use of a keyboard will allow you to finish before the allocated time. The more words you unscramble, the higher will be your score in the game. 

Anagram Scramble 

The Anagram Scramble is a slightly different version of Scramble. It is also a part of a Word Scramble game. The Anagram game refers to phrases or words that have been spelled by reorganizing the letters. 

When you play a game of Anagram Scramble, all you have to do is to look at the letters, unscramble them from the mess and create words that are available in there. By rearranging such unscrambled alphabets, you are likely to create meaningful words of varying lengths. 

For example- GSNOS can become SONGS after a person has organized these jumbled letters. You can also create words of varying lengths like SONG, ON, SO, SOG, etc. 

There are dozens of online as well as offline sources where you can play the game of Anagram Scramble for free or for a minimal cost. 

Famous Scrambled Words and Their Solutions

Many words have become very common and famous in the world of Word Scramble. Here are those words with their solutions along with them:

  1. BAETNNOA- Bonnet
  2. NHCTOBEL- Chloent 
  3. METROAEES- Maestro
  4. ELSGDARRO- Lodgers 
  5. AURDEATTOS- Autostrade 
  6. AIDFOBDRR- Forbid
  7. BERTUIOP- Poutier 
  8. ERRADGYA- Drayage 
  9. KZAETODD- Azote 
  10. ZMMPOAE- Apozem 

These are some of the most confusing and famous words that are used in a game of Word Scramble. People often mug up these words to score better at the game. 

Start With the Smallest Letters 

Start with the alphabet which often goes hand-in-hand. Letter pieces like CH, PH, SH, and more. Once you start making these pairs, forming words would become easy. 

These first two alphabets will provide you with a key part of the final word that you will be forming. 

Go for Common Suffixes and Prefixes 

You can take the help of many prefixes and suffixes to make your word larger. You can use several prefixes like non-, bi-, un-, co-, and many more. 

You can even use commonly used suffixes like -ing, -ed, -er, -ate. Write them out on scrap paper and while you form words, keep experimenting with these prefixes and suffixes. 

For example, if you have a scramble of letters namely- MOIRF, then you can easily form a word with the help of the prefix un- and your final word would somewhat look like- UNIFORM. 

A Helpful Resource

Additionally, Word Unscrambler is an amazing resource for players having issues with arranging letters. Unscrambling can be done in a variety of ways that includes words that start with, words that end with, and several other sets of popular word banks.

Final Thoughts

Word Scramble is a game that was designed to sharpen a kid’s mind with a motive to decrease his grammatical errors and make his vocabulary stronger than ever. There are a lot of tips that you can use to form words easily. We hope that the article gave you a quick insight and you were able to gather some knowledge from it! 

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