Can You Get a Nursing Degree Online?

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Nursing involves practical skills, so you may question whether it is possible to get a nursing degree online. The answer: Yes, you can get a nursing degree online because the required theory-based coursework can easily be completed online.

You can enroll in a variety of nursing programs online ranging from a bachelor’s degree to a Doctor of Nursing practice. Most online nursing programs don’t require any campus visits, but students must complete clinical practice hours in-person at a hospital or medical facility. 

How are online nursing programs taught? 

Many people don’t see how a nursing program can be conducted online. They believe it can be an isolating experience for students, but that isn’t the case. Most of these programs create an online community so students can actively learn and share ideas with each other. 

Online nursing programs can be taught using various teaching tools and media, such as video tutorials, online group sessions, discussion forums, virtual reality scenarios, telehealth stations to roleplay patient diagnosis, games and quizzes, etc. 

5 Benefits of getting an online nursing qualification

Whether you’re looking to start or advance your nursing career, an online program may be suitable for you. However, you need to stay committed and motivated in order to complete the necessary coursework. Below are some benefits of getting an online nursing degree. 


Online nursing programs are great for students who are working or have a family to care for. They provide enough flexibility for you to fit your class schedules around your daily routine. And there’s no need to spend time driving back and forth to a physical classroom. 

This means that you can watch lectures and complete your coursework at your earliest convenience. With an online program, you’re able to plan and make sure that none of your other commitments are neglected. You’ll also be able to study anywhere you choose. 

If you don’t enjoy traditional classrooms and school environments, then you should probably learn online. This allows you to create your own learning environment in your home or office. An online nursing program also helps to concentrate and get more done quickly. 

You’re not restricted

When it comes to online nursing programs, you can choose the perfect one for you. Unlike a traditional college, you’re not restricted to a particular area or state. It allows you to pick any nursing program that suits you without worrying about distance or transportation. 

Another benefit of getting your nursing degree online is the ability to customize your learning experience. You can learn at your own pace as well as spend more time on the more difficult topics. This makes it easier for you to gain a better understanding of the entire curriculum. 

An online nursing degree can also help to develop other skills. For example, you would understand how to navigate computers and online technology. Frequent visits to a telehealth station can also help nurses get comfortable with providing telehealth care

More affordable

Online nursing programs are generally cheaper than on-campus schools. This means that you can earn your nursing degree without breaking the bank. The cost per credit hour and other fees are quite affordable for online courses. 

Certain expenses associated with traditional colleges are non-existent. You won’t have to worry about on-campus living expenses, commuting expenses and others. An online nursing program can be very cost-effective. 

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When it comes to course materials, you won’t have to spend a lot. Most resources and learning materials are available in digital format. This would help to reduce the number of physical textbooks you’d have to purchase. 

It’s a great way to complete advanced nursing programs.

An online nursing program is suitable for registered nurses who are looking to acquire advanced degrees such as a master’s or a Doctor of Nursing practice (DNP) degree. It can help to further your education in no time. 

Whether you’re a parent, caregiver, or nursing student who wants to work while earning a degree, an online nursing qualification is the way to go. You can also complete clinicals locally in your preferred setting. 

For example, an accredited Doctor of Nursing practice online program can be completed within one or two years. You can enroll for the course without providing GMAT or GRE scores. 

How to choose an online nursing program

There are a few things to consider when selecting a reputable online nursing program. First, you must ensure that the school has been accredited. Next, check for a solid program curriculum and expertise of faculty staff. Lastly, the program needs to have a robust mix of teaching methods. 

Some colleges and universities may provide combined online and campus courses where students will study online and attend some practicals on campus. Whether you want a partially or fully online course, make sure to choose the nursing program that suits you. 

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