How to Disassemble Your Furniture Before the Big Move

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The entire moving process is complicated and expensive in most cases. As a service requester, you must investigate enough to make an effective move and save money. One option you should consider is to take apart furniture to avoid taking up unnecessary space and needing the least number of trucks for the move.

You should also be aware of and use various moving techniques to cut costs. Also, you must know what furniture you require to take apart and see if you can do the process yourself or ask a friend for help.

Make a decision regarding the value of moving your large furniture

When moving, you should know what furniture is worth taking to your new property. Making wise choices when it comes to your furniture would be beneficial, not because it has sentimental worth but more because of how expensive shipping would be. Sometimes it might be cheaper to leave the furniture in the old house and buy new ones.

Know which furniture pieces require disassembly


Knowing which pieces of furniture are simple to disassemble and won’t take up much room in the truck would be helpful. You might consider taking down the dining room table, wardrobe, bed, or bar table.

On the other hand, you can avoid disassembling nightstands or computer tables because they won’t take up a huge amount of space. You should also consider the time you invest in disassembling each piece of furniture. The longer the process lasts, the lower its profitability, so it is better to leave it assembled.

Measure doorways and furniture

Measuring doors and furniture before the moving truck comes is a good idea. You may not remember it, but when you moved into that house, every piece of furniture was assembled inside. This is because many access doors are not wide enough to fit a living room cabinet or dining room table.

Generally, the main access door has a measure of 0.90 cm or 1 meter wide, where most of the furniture passes. However, it would help if you also considered the door’s height and the length of the furniture that will pass through it. Do not forget to make notes of each piece of furniture that you measure and thus have a summarized list of those that require disassembly and those that do not.

Enlist the help of a friend

You will have to ask the help of a friend to disassemble furniture for move. This is because many pieces of furniture are large, heavy, and complicated when disassembled. You must pick simple furniture to disassemble, and you can also engage removals specialists who came earlier to your house to assist you in the disassembly procedure for more complicated pieces.


Find the instructions

If you want to know how to take apart furniture, the best you can do is try looking for the instructions for each product. Locate the instructions on how to assemble the furniture and do the whole process in reverse. This way, you could save time in the product disassembly, and you will not lose parts during the task.

You can also go to the online tutorials, explaining how to disassemble each product more dynamically. If you have any questions about this work, you can ask a friend for help.

Get the right tools ready

Prioritize the dismantled furniture since you can work with it more quickly and safely. A couple of screwdrivers, a wrench, and a hammer might be enough for you to take the piece of furniture apart. You can also look for the rest of the tools in a hardware store, where you will receive instructions on how to use these tools.

Prepare ziplock bags in advance

Use ziplock bags if you don’t want the smallest pieces of furniture to get lost in the move. These bags allow for organized disassembly, plus they will protect the items you store in there. You can buy a ziplock bag box at the nearest supermarket for an affordable price.

Final Thoughts

You must work with organization and time on your side to have disassembled furniture. The disassembly of your furniture should be prioritized if you want to save costs during the move. Some companies that provide moving services, like Next Moving Company, will offer you a safe furniture disassembly. Using their services will free up your time for other vital responsibilities, so don’t be hesitant to do so.

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