How to Stop Emotional Eating from Stress

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We all stress eat now and then. In moderation, there’s nothing wrong with stress eating. But it can easily get out of control.

Stress eating can cause health problems such as obesity, diabetes, and heart problems. These problems will only make you more stressed. This creates a toxic cycle.You don’t need to stress eat. You have the power to stop. Here are some things you can do to reverse the habit.

Reduce Stress

You won’t stress eat if you aren’t stressed. This is easier said than done. It’s impossible to completely cut out stress. Stress can be reduced. The easiest way to do this is identify your triggers. Triggers are things that make you feel stressed and can be different for everyone. Some people find driving stressful. Others find work stressful. Maybe your in-laws stress you. If you can, cut stressful situations from your life. Or find ways to make them less stressful. If you have to drive, don’t drive on the highway if it makes you anxious.

Add some healthy rituals to your routine. This will help you stay calm when you’re stressed. Try meditating or humming a song that calms you down – just take the time to relax.


You’re probably surprised by this one. However, cannabinoids don’t necessarily mean weed. Cannabinoids are a portion of the marijuana plant. They could help treat obesity. Here is some research that proves it. 

The research is fairly new. This is because most people have an unfair bias against cannabis. That’s unfortunate because the research is promising. There is a lot more to marijuana than getting high.

Cannabinoids can be isolated compounds. These can be consumed in ways that don’t involve smoking. This means they will contain little to no THC.

THC is the portion of the cannabis plant that makes you high. It is also responsible for giving people the munchies. If you don’t get the munchies, you don’t have to worry about stress eating when you get high.

Cannabinoids could improve your health in other ways. Cannabis has been proven to reduce anxiety. Anxiety is a major cause of stress eating. This will help you relax. There are also proven links between marijuana consumption and heart health. The healthier you are, the less stressed you’ll be.

Chewing Gum

Chewing gum gives you something to nibble on. As long as it’s sugar free, you don’t need to worry about calories. Mint gum will curb your appetite. This will keep you from wanting to eat more. Gum is a lot cheaper than snacks. It’s easy to transport and carry around. Keep some in your pocket or your car.

Whenever you feel the urge to stress eat, chew some gum. Mints are another alternative for people who don’t like chewing. Mint makes you feel full, so you won’t want to eat more. Another idea is to switch to healthy snacks. Berries and nuts are great snacking foods. They are also easy to carry around. Just make sure to chew with your mouth closed.

Liquid Diet

Some people swear by liquid diets. There is a good reason for this. Your body needs to detox every once in a while. Solids aren’t easy for your body to process. Liquids are much easier. Here are some smoothie recipes to get you started.

You don’t need to totally switch to a liquid diet overnight. Try switching out a high-calorie snack for a fruit smoothie. Even a glass of juice is better than a sugary snack. Just make sure not to drink things that are too sugary.

Seek Help

Stress eating is nothing to be ashamed of. Everyone understands what it’s like to be stressed. Tell your friends that you’re struggling. Ask them to check up on you. Or ask them not to give you sweets. Try eating at home instead of going out. Invite your friends over for a nice meal. Learn to cook together.

You might need professional help. Talk about your problems with a therapist. Stress eating can be harmful. Tackle it before it gets out of control. Your health should be your top priority.

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