How to Plan the Perfect Baby Shower

girl kissing her mother s belly

Baby showers are an excellent way for expecting parents to mark the end of their pregnancy and the arrival of their new baby. It’s a chance to gather with friends and family and celebrate this next exciting chapter of their life. If you’ve been in charge of planning the party, here’s a quick overview of what you need to do to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Pick an Appropriate Date and Time

Have a chat with the mom- and dad-to-be to figure out the best date and time to have their baby shower. As a rough guide, they’re typically held a month or two before the newborn’s due date, as that way, the mom is well into the pregnancy but still comfortable. However, this timescale is, of course flexible.

Choose a Location

There are plenty of suitable options when it comes to a venue for a baby shower. You could have it in the expecting parents’ home, a friend’s home, or hire a room in a restaurant or another type of party venue. If the weather is good, you could even hold the event outside. Think about what the guests of honor would most appreciate, and be sure to take charge of the clean-up if you host in their house.

Finalize the Guest List

Draw up a guest list early so you can get invitations sent out in plenty of time. Historically, baby showers were women-only events, but there’s no need to be restricted by this tradition now. The most significant factors to consider are budget, venue size, and most importantly, who the new parents want to celebrate with. 

Decide on a Theme

This step is optional, but it can be fun to pick a theme for the baby shower. This gives you a guide to follow when choosing factors such as decor, food, and dress code. Try to pick something that reflects the mom-to-be’s personality, whether it’s her favorite colors, book, movie, season, or location.

Find the Ideal Gift for the Parents-to-Be

Whether or not you’re in charge of organizing the event, if you’re attending a baby shower, you need to find an excellent gift for the new mom and dad. There are all sorts of fantastic luxury gifts for new parents to choose from, including baby clothes, practical items such as diaper bags, and pampering presents such as bath products, spa vouchers, or chocolates.

Organize Refreshments

All good parties need food and drink, whether you hire caterers to take care of it or bake something yourself. Another option is to ask each guest to bring along a dish to share, as buffets are a practical choice for baby showers. Be sure to get a stunning cake as a centerpiece, and plenty of mocktails or non-alcoholic bubbles to toast with.

Plan Some Games and Entertainment

As well as time for opening gifts, you might like to plan some games for guests to play at the baby shower. There are all sorts of cheesy but cute ideas to choose from, including Baby Shower Bingo, Who’s That Baby?, and Don’t Say Baby.

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