How to Build an Exercise Routine That’s Actually Fun

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Having a fun exercise routine is essential. Why? For many reasons! But most of all, if your exercise routine is fun, you’re going to be much more likely to stick it out in the long term! After all, you’re enjoying yourself, and you have something to look forward to during workout time. Of course, the after effect of exercising always feels good, but you have to build yourself up to get to that place. 

And when you’ve got something fun to do, that you know you enjoy and can see good friends through, it’s going to be so much easier to focus on this aspect of your health. Your mental and physical health both benefit from regular workouts, and if you throw socialisation and a good laugh in as well, you’ll benefit double time! So with all that in mind, here’s how to build a fun exercise routine you’ll never want to skip. 

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Always Workout When You’re Energetic

If you’re not feeling energetic, you’re not going to look forward to your routine very much. If it’s been a long day, for example, there’s little likelihood you’ll still hit the gym on your way home! So try to fit your workouts around your mood, and your average energy levels at those times. 

If you feel good first thing in the morning, it might be best for you to go jogging before work. If you’ve always got a burst of energy in the early afternoon, why not hit the pool for half an hour? And if you’re a night owl who loves staying up past bedtime, this could be a sign you’re one for late night zumba classes. 

If you plan your workout around the moments when you’re up to it, consistency will soon follow along. And if you’re looking for more fun, you need to be in the mood for fun! Try this method for a little while and see how it works out for you. 

Play a Game as You Go

There are plenty of exercise based games out there, both in terms of actual video games and ones you can make up off the top of your own head with some traditional equipment. A running app that has you pretend you’re being chased by zombies is a good example of this. Hearing zombie groans in your ears as you run helps to spur you on, and can make you much happier to get home in one piece! 

Alternatively, you don’t even need to go outside to play games like these. Ring Fit Adventure for the Nintendo Switch is a great game for getting you moving within your own home. There are different circuits of different difficulties to do throughout the levels, and you have to be running on the spot at all times to keep your character moving. This is great to try if you’ve got a console lying there unused! 

Get Involved with a Team

Team sports and activities are coming out in their thousands, now the pandemic isn’t so much of a worry. People want to be part of something, and that often means getting some friends and anyone who’s interested together to hit a ball around for an hour! No skill needed, no finesse involved, you’re just having fun as a team. 

And then you come back time and time again, week after week, and slowly build up your skills. After a while, you may even be able to enter a tournament one day! If your small, local team could be part of a mini league of other local teams, you’ll take home a whole new great experience. 

Plus you can really build a new sense of identity here. If you’re part of a small baseball team, for example, you can invest in a batting tee uniform for all the players. This’ll certainly bring a new sense of cohesion your way, and will help to make your little team feel like more of a family. That’s a great situation to find yourself in, especially if the past couple years have been a lonely one for you. 

Have Goals You Can Reward

If you want exercise to be fun, you might just have to treat yourself like a toddler for a bit. Namely, you’ll have to set yourself some goals to achieve, and once you do, you get a prize for them. Treat this a bit like a sticker chart for chores – collect enough during the week and you get a reward during the weekend. 

For example, if you manage to conquer a new move set during your weight training, you get to go on a shopping spree in your favorite store. Whatever you know you enjoy to do, but don’t get to do very often, book it in at the end of the week to make sure you reap the rewards of all your hard work. And keep on doing this – you’ll get fitter and stronger and you’ll have a very busy calendar by the end of it! 

Skip the Gym, Have a Day Out!

If you don’t want to hit the gym 3 to 4 times a week, that’s no bother! Honestly, who even has the time these days? But if you still want to get some kind of exercise in, you don’t have to try and slug it out. You’ll just discourage yourself and make exercise way less enjoyable in the long run. 

But instead of thinking you should be down the gym right now, why not just have a day out? Get on your feet and get walking; take the bus or a train and pick somewhere to get off. After all, as long as you’re on your feet and you’re moving, you’re getting the blood pumping and your muscles working. 

Plus a bit of fresh air never did anyone any harm. You’re out and about, walking up hills and down inclines, and that’s a great way to burn calories and even reduce signs of cellulite. Stop off for a snack and lunch halfway through, but go as far as you can before you decide to turn back again. 

Think About an Exercise Retreat

Finally, it might be time to combine your need to exercise with your love of taking a vacation. If you’re someone who loves to get away, and you’ve got a bit of money saved up, why not go on an exercise retreat? There are many out there that run regular workshops and getaways, and you might even be just around the corner from one. 

Yoga is the most popular type of retreat, but it’s not just yoga you can go away for. You can book in for a couple of weeks to try out new activities that’ll get your blood pumping, as well as stretching and breathing sessions afterwards for all round wellness. An exercise retreat is designed to be the best place to push yourself while still maintaining good health, and it might just be the kind of break you’re looking for right now. 

A fun exercise routine is something you should always strive for. Because if you’re enjoying yourself, you’re not going to skip your routine tomorrow or completely forget about it by next week. You’ll be having a good time, and maybe even a laugh with a friend, and you can make some great new connections along the way. Working out is good for both your brain and body, and it all starts with a fun idea that’ll keep you coming back for more. 

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