Your Guide To Throwing an Unforgettable Garden Party

cheerful friends toasting on dinner in backyard

Garden parties are arguably the most versatile of parties– the possibilities can be endless as long as you plan efficiently and remain resourceful. This is your guide of top tips and recommendations to ensure that your garden party will be the envy of all your friends.

Gather the Practical Essentials

A portable generator is perhaps the handiest piece of equipment to utilise for a garden party. These reliable machines are functional for just about any outdoor event and have more than enough power to add some ambience through lighting and music. The portable generator also serves as an essential back-up option in case the main power system comes crashing down, which would be disastrous mid-party. For your own peace of mind, ensure your party is smooth sailing by obtaining one of these machines.

Decoration is Key

There are many staple essentials that are bound to make any party become a hit. Setting up your own photo booth by creating a background and providing some props is a simple and easy way to provide some entertainment for your guests without breaking the bank. By choosing a DIY decorating style, you can throw a party on a budget that is still worth attending.

Think of the Theme

While a prettily decorated party can be aesthetically pleasing, there are lots of other creative options out there. To get the guests involved, a costume party brings a sense of community and cohesion to the party. A classic party concept is Hawaiian themed, as there’s lots of scope for a range of inventive ideas, as well as the more traditional Hawaiian attire to fall back on.

Create the Perfect Atmosphere

Make sure the table and chairs are set up in a way that is sociable- the point is to have fun as a group so it’s important to not set out a rigid table structure. Having more than enough seating options is key to a relaxed environment and will prevent any awkward lingering from a guest who hasn’t managed to grab a seat. There are lots of factors that go into setting the right atmosphere, and it’s key to try and get them right as it will be the thing that the guests remember the most about your party.

Don’t Skimp on the Food and Beverages

Arguably the most highly anticipated part of a garden party is the food. From platters, buffets, barbecues, to even tasking the guests to bring their own dish- the possibilities are endless. Equally important are the drinks, and they don’t have to be alcoholic. While having a supply of alcohol on tap is generally expected, many people will want to just enjoy the party without getting too intoxicated. Try out some highly rated mocktail recipes, and your guests will still have a blast.

Be Entertaining

While leaving your guests to chat amongst themselves can be sufficient if you’re wanting a more casual vibe, it’s also worth considering looking into more official means of entertainment, to make the party one to remember. For example, live music can really brighten up the atmosphere and encourage all your guests to get involved in the festivities.

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