8 Attractive Updos for Medium Length Hair

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Hair is your crowning glory, boosts your confidence, and is an expression of your personality. Women choose updos that suit the shape of their face and their outfits. Many women don’t have much time to fix their hair, especially when they have medium-length hair. Although, many of them didn’t know there were many ways to do fast and simple updos for medium hair that could save their time. You can do this without struggling and wasting time if you have that medium-length hair.

1. Messy Ponytail 

Try this messy hair easy updos for some women who have a short time to fix their hair. It’s pretty simple, but you can make a difference by adding some stylish touches. It is very convenient for a woman who is always busy, especially for moms.

How To Make a Messy Ponytail?

  • Try to use a dry shampoo to get a result from messy dry hair
  • Part your hair in the middle
  • Wrap all your hair at the back of your head
  • Pull out some hair on each side in the front, and there you have it.

2. Messy Bun

One of the relaxed hair looks for go-to women. This hairstyle is effortless, and you can do this quickly if you’re having a bad hair day. A messy bun also gives you a comfortable and refreshing hairdo. 

How To Do Messy Bun:

  • Brush all your hair back
  • Put together all your hair at the back and twist the length of your head of hair
  • Tight the twisted hair with an elastic 

3. Simple Airy-Textured Bun

A fast-to-make and simple updo gives a classy look for any casual or formal occasion, then a quick and simple method to brighten up your hairstyle is by adding some hair accessories. 

How To Do Simple Airy-Textured Bun:

  • Create a short middle part of your hair 
  • Wrap your hair down and roll it to make a bun, and put a coat of elastic 
  • Put some hairpins on every side of the bun so that it will stay in place
  • Apply some hair spray to the bun to stick it together 
  • Pull down a few pieces of hair on each side in the front to add some style

4. Double Twisted-Braided Bun

A whole messy bun in the back with soft and pretty sides is perfect for attending a wedding, debut, or even a dance. With its look, you can be elegant.

How To Do Double Twisted-Braided Bun:

  • Create two pigtails
  • Braid each pigtail into a rope braid and secure it with an elastic
  • Bring the pigtails together and wrap them into a soft bun

5. Classy Low Bun

This classy low bun is one of the perfect hair updos for special events. With this stylish look, you can be a head-turner. 

How To Do Classy Low Bun:

  • Twist each side of the hair 
  • Bring together the hair twisted part at the back of the head
  • Wrap it up and close it using bobby pins

6. Two Small Braids

This cute and childish hairdo can make you look simple but attractive. You can do two small braids on your dates.

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How To Do Two Small Braids:

  • Create a small braid on each side in the front
  • Meet the two small braids together at the back
  • Then tie it with a small hair elastic

7. Big Half Up, Half Down Ponytail

When you’re in a hurry for a night out party, do this easy and quick-to-make hair updo.

How To Do Big Half Up, Half Down Ponytail:

  • Tie Half of the hair up
  • Start teasing the tied hair and brush the Half down
  • Done and leave it

8. Half Up, Half Down Bun

You can do this hairstyle for just 1 minute. Perfect for women who have a short time to prepare their hair for an event.  

How To Do Half Up, Half Down Bun:

  • Parting the hair half up and half down
  • Twist the end of the upper half part
  • Secure the bun with a hair elastic


There are dozens of ways to style your medium hair, but these are easy and fast to make updos that could save time and make you look good-looking. Furthermore, whatever updo you pick, wear it with confidence because hair is one of our greatest assets as women.

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