5 Valuable Lessons For All New Dog Owners

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Bringing a dog back home is an immensely exciting moment in your life. However, it’s not all about cuddles on the sofa with your new furry bundle of joy. Therefore, it’s important that all new pet owners are prepared for the journey ahead.

Knowing what to expect puts you in the strongest position to provide the pup with everything it needs for a healthy and happy life. The following lessons will help.

You Must Set Ground Rules Right Away

When introducing the pup to your home, it is very tempting to be lenient. Ultimately, though, this could backfire spectacularly if you’re not careful. It would be unfair to let your pup sleep in your bed and then suddenly expect it to start sleeping on the floor in its bed. Likewise, allowing your pet to enter the home office when you do not intend this to be a permanent fixture is ill-advised.

Aside from teaching ground rules early, you should look to start dog training too. The earlier you start, the easier it will be.

DIY Grooming Is Easier (& Cheaper)

Grooming and promoting good hygiene are vital steps for every dog owner. While sending your pet to the salon may seem the obvious choice, the DIY route is often better. It means less upheaval and removes the need to become familiar with another person. The right dog grooming supplies will allow you to complete those chores from the comfort of your home. It provides the option to spread tasks out too.

Crucially, it also enables you to trim your dog’s coat as soon as it’s needed. This is far better than having to wait weeks for an appointment.

Dogs Love Both Variety & Routine

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When you adopt a dog, you will naturally be prepared for lots of walking. Many new owners fall into the trap of thinking that they have to do the same route each day while others think you have to keep it fresh every time. The best results sit somewhere in the middle. Their best routes are a chance to lay down a scent. Meanwhile, new routes are a chance to explore and stay excited. 

The great news is that a combination of new adventures and familiar routes will work well for most pet owners too. 

Vet Bills Are Expensive

It’s the oldest adage in the book, but there is no doubt that it’s better to be safe than sorry. A trip to the vet could cost thousands, even for a routine operation. As such, finding pet insurance should be an immediate priority. Aside from keeping your pet’s best interests at heart, it will keep your mind at ease too. After all, the knowledge that any treatments are covered removes the financial fears.

Many pet owners do not appreciate the true costs until they encounter the first bill. Do not let yourself suffer the same fate.

You Must Pay Attention To The Home Surroundings

Adapting the home to create a more inviting setting for the pet is essential. Still, you must not ignore your best interests during this process. In truth, the four feet running around the home won’t be an issue. However, the smells can be a far greater challenge. With this in mind, it’s important to keep the home clean. Prevention is the best form of protection.

A clean home is a happy home for all the family. Keep this in mind, and your relationship with the pup will be everything you want and more.

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