The Importance of Having a Support System

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Nobody wants to walk through life alone. As humans we need love and support. We’re social creatures that need a helping hand in life, and that’s certainly the case in many scenarios we encounter. 

Today, there are many reasons why we need support. From stress to juggling a work-life balance, to addiction and health issues, having people around to listen, help and encourage is so vital.

When it comes to matters such as addiction, that is particularly key – especially in recovery. Going through rehabilitation for drugs, for example, is incredibly difficult so having someone there for a person can really make the difference between staying on track or relapsing. 

Recent studies have found that the average stress level for people with a support network is 5/10 compared to those without one being 6.3/10, and that 1.3 can make a whole lot of difference when it comes to navigating your way through life.

Of course, not everyone is fortunate to have such a support network, so if you do need to strengthen that, here are a number of tips on how.

Reach out to family and friends   

Your first port of call should be reaching out to any family and friends. While it may not usually be something you do as a friendship group, these are your loved ones and they are always happy to be there for you in an hour of need or even on a regular basis to just sit and talk about feelings.

Utilise technology

If you’ve moved to a different part of the country, or indeed world, to that circle of family or friends, you can feel very isolated. However, technology can close that gap, so don’t be afraid to use it.

Find support groups online

There is support available outside of friends and family, and you’ll find a wealth of support groups online, with many people going through exactly the same as what you are. Not only can you find these groups and connect via technology, but you may also find such groups in your local area too. That could be in the form of a support group, or you may even wish to take up a hobby or join a club, which can be equally as effective.

The role of support networks these days are bigger than ever before. We all saw during the pandemic the importance of bubbles, aiding each other with various tasks and help, and that’s the same in everyday life. So, if you’re currently lacking a network, but feel like you may need one, start reaching out. You’ll certainly feel the benefit of it.

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