Got Roomies? 7 Tips to Give Yourself a Little Privacy

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You’ve had roommates all throughout college, but with high rent prices you’re back to sharing your space. Humans are territorial by nature, so why try to fight it? Follow these tricks to peacefully get along with your roommate.

1. Have Your Own Space

Living in a shared apartment, you have limited space, but it’s still important to have your own section. Keep your belongings in this area, such as on your desk or in your bedroom. This can help establish the boundaries of personal space. It also saves the stress of mixing up similar items with your roommate.

2. Ask Permission Before Borrowing

Taking something without asking causes conflict among roomies. So, always ask before borrowing anything. Having this boundary in place shows that you respect them and won’t go through their stuff. For items you feel comfortable sharing, name these in your roommate agreement to prevent future issues.

3. Inform Your Roommate About Guests

It’s fun to show off your new apartment or decorated room, but it can be inconvenient for your roommate if they’re trying to work or rest. Therefore, let them know your plans ahead of time. If it’s not a good time, look for another place to hang out.

Keep in mind rules for guests should be talked about early on. Discuss how often guests can come over and for how long. When having friends over, know what items are off-limits and ensure guests help clean up.

4.  Set Aside Quiet Time

In a shared living space, you often have lots of social time, and it can feel overwhelming. Therefore, schedule a “quiet hour” each day for working or napping. Take this time to recharge and have a moment to yourself.

If you want to listen to music or a show, use something like noise canceling headphones. You might even want to mark the quiet time in a shared calendar.

5. Establish Clear Boundaries

Talking with your roommate can settle any tension. Therefore, you want to set up healthy boundaries early on, especially when it comes to your space. Discuss your limits, such as knocking before entering. When having this talk, make sure to listen and be respectful. This shows how much you value what they’re saying.

Before having the conversation, know what your needs are, and why they’re important to you.

6. Discuss Your Schedules

Knowing your roomie’s schedule helps you plan your social activities around it. For example, you can have friends over when your roommate is out of town. Plus, it also helps you plan your downtime more efficiently.

7. Soundproof Your Space

Having a quiet space can help you get work done and relax, so here are some simple design tricks to give you more privacy.

Place heavy furniture against the wall and seal your windows and doors. If you don’t have your own room, use dividers to create a separate area. For example, using a bookshelf or dresser to create a division. 

How to Get Some Privacy With Roommates

It can be tricky, but there are plenty of ways to get privacy in a shared area. From traditional methods such as curtains or decorative dividers, to establishing new habits like setting boundaries and staying tidy, you’ll be loving life with your new apartment and your roommate in no time.

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