How to Incorporate CBD Into Your Diet

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CBD/THC/HHC Diet Ideas

As a rule, patients who need CBD, THC, or HHC go for one cannabidiol product, neglecting everything else. While tasty Delta 8 THC edibles are convenient and bring maximum benefits for patients, there are more opportunities to diversify your diet for better health. We gathered several ideas about incorporating healthy cannabidiol into your diet routine!

Plan 1: CBD/THC Intake in the Morning for Energy or Focus

If you struggle to focus on work or need an energy boost in the morning, consider taking CBD or THC half an hour before all the action starts. For example, you can take a 10mg dose of THC before breakfast. That will help you increase your productivity during the day. If you want to avoid psychoactive effects, go for CBD products with a ratio of CBD to THC of 20:1. 

Adding CBD oil to your porridge

Oils have no taste and smell, making them versatile regardless of what you eat. Thus, a colorful porridge with berries can be your best material to add two drops of low-concentrated CBD oil to sustain an upbeat mood and clear vision of your tasks.

Starting your day with white tea with CBD

Matcha is rich in antioxidants and has many health benefits, including regulating cholesterol levels and detoxifying the body. Add 1-2 drops of CBD oil to make your tea more potent (but let it cool before that to ensure that all positive CBD components remain potent!). This way, you’ll get an energy boost for the whole day!

Green tea is an excellent option, too. Yet, it is unwise to add CBD for energy or CBD for focus to antidepressant tea blends like Asian pigeonwings or Hibiscus. Tea blends with antidepressant components make you sleepy, and you do not want to confuse your brain with such contrasts.

Having a morning smoothie with CBD is a 10/10 option!

That is the easiest way to add cannabidiol to your morning diet! You can experiment with adding other healthy ingredients like fruits, vegetables, protein powder, and other ingredients! Just place 2-3 drops of oil or one ground capsule into the blender along with other ingredients, and enjoy a healthy smoothie full of vitamins, minerals, and cannabinoids.

Plan 2: Sustaining Good Mood in the Afternoon and Reducing Anxiety

As the day brings us more challenges and repetitive tasks, our energy levels decrease, and we may feel more anxious. To reduce anxiety and sustain a good mood in the afternoon, consider taking CBD or THC products with a ratio of 1:1 or 2:1. You can also add some high-CBD strains to your afternoon tea or coffee. What are the options when you want to fight anxiety and other negative emotions during the day?

Of course, edibles are the #1 option

You can take a 10mg gummy or two before or after lunch.Gummies and candies from brands like Crystal Cloud 9 never take up too much space in your bag and are always convenient to savor.   Please note that you must be attentive to CBD gummy recipes and concentrations to avoid taking unoptimized doses. If everything is optimized, you’ll reduce anxiety and increase your productivity.

Tinctures are also a great idea!

If you cannot have anything sweet during the day, try CBD tinctures. Place 1-2 drops under your tongue for 30 seconds, then wash it down with water or tea.

Plan 3: Taking CBD/THC/HHC Before Bed for Serenity and Meditation

To improve your sleep quality, ensure you don’t consume too much caffeine during the day. Consider taking CBD or THC products several hours before sleep. For example, you can take a 10mg gummy or one capsule of CBD oil an hour before bedtime. 

Enjoying CBD salads

Regardless of your preference, it is always wise to go for a veggie salad in the evening. Fibers will clean your intestines, and vitamins will improve your skin complexion. Add drops of an optimally-concentrated oil or one ground capsule to make your meal more potent! You can also enhance your food’s taste by adding herbs like mint, basil, or coriander.

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CBD/THC drops in your soup

Soups are also an excellent way to get all the benefits of cannabinoids without experiencing any psychoactive effects! Add 1-2 drops of oil or one ground capsule to your soup and enjoy a delicious and healthy meal!

Experimenting with CBD/THC/HHC desserts before leisure time

Ensure you don’t use too much cannabidiol so you don’t experience any psychoactive effects. If you have a sweet tooth, consider adding cannabidiol to yogurt. Sweet cheese with honey and CBD are another option. If culinary masterpieces are for you, bake CBD-infused cookies for fun and a tasty snack! These are only a few examples; you can be as creative as possible.

Another gummy for sleep before… well, sleep

You can take a 10mg gummy or one capsule of CBD oil an hour before bedtime. Consider adding lavender oil to your evening ritual to enhance your sleep quality. For maximum effect, open the windows to get fresh air during bedtime and ensure you have optimized room temperature. Savor the gummy in comfort (do not gulp it!), enjoy its taste, and meditate while letting it melt.

Final Words

Cannabis food is not only incredibly delicious but also nutritious! You can use it to improve sleep quality, increase productivity, and reduce anxiety. To get the most out of cannabidiol, ensure you pay attention to recipes and dosages. Stay safe, and enjoy your cannabinoids!

Please NOTE! Even though CBD/THC/HHC edibles are legal and safe, no patient must overuse them and self-medicate. Remember that those edibles are still medications. They might hinder the effects of other meds or make them more potent (for instance, if you also take hypnotics). Please contact a medical specialist and ask them what diet is optimal for you.

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