Best Women’s Perfumes To Buy This Holiday Season

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It’s time to start thinking about what gifts you’ll be giving to friends, family and other loved ones- the holiday season is fast approaching. Giving gifts can be both rewarding and stressful at the same time so it’s important to get a head start. That being said, gift giving isn’t limited to only family and friends- the season to consider secret Santas, white elephant exchanges, and office Christmas parties is also just over the horizon. 

The variety in perfume options means it’s easy to make the mistake of buying the wrong thing. The beauty industry is rife with niche vocabulary and terminology you need to wrap your head around first. But don’t panic- there are a number of things you can keep in mind when shopping for that perfect perfume to make the process that bit easier. 

Where to start

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Perfume is an incredibly varied gift. Choosing the best fragrance for a woman depends on a variety of factors. For instance, you should consider the age and personality of the recipient, as well as the occasion.

For example, if you’re shopping for a teenaged niece, you’re going to want to look at different scents than if you were shopping for your grandmother. That being said, a perfume is more than just a gift that lasts for a few days. It can last up to several months, smell different on all skin types, and tastes can develop over time. 

Dossier: Amber Cherry

If you’re looking for an affordable, 100% vegan and cruelty-free dupe of Tom Ford Lost Cherry, look no further than Dossier’s Amber Cherry. Boasting a bold scent profile marked with sharp, warm notes of cherry and almond, this perfume would make a great gift for that person in your life who isn’t afraid to stand out. Whether they’re bursting with unique flair or just a fan of all things cherry, this sustainable and affordable gift will allow you to rest easy at night.

Dossier: Floral Honeysuckle

Inspired by Gucci’s Bloom, this scent is a delicate perfume sure to suit any woman in your life. This gift is sure to be well-recieved due to the sweet, floral nature of it. Such popular perfumes are an easy way to make a good gift choice. With a scent profile spotlighting jasmine, tuberose, and green leaves, Floral Honeysuckle is a perfume that any woman would happily receive as a gift. 

Dossier: Woody Sage

This lively scent offers a hint of sea salt in marriage with a deep, aromatic layer of earthy sage. The sophisticated scent never threatens to overpower, making it a great option for older women or those who appreciate the subtler scents. The understated scent would make a fantastic gift for a woman who appreciates mellower, earthier perfumes.

How to make the right choice

When it comes to buying the right perfume, you need to keep your recipient in mind. If you’re buying it for a loved one, you can do some investigation. Try and figure out which perfumes they use on a regular basis. This will let you know which perfumes they’re likely to enjoy.

Once you’ve bought the gift, you have to buy the right packaging. There are many different ways to present the gift of perfume. These include bespoke wrapping paper, bags, or even decoration. 

How to find the best deals

While there tend to be no set dates for when certain sales are held, there are some general trends that you can follow, such as waiting for Black Friday deals or even the Christmas season. 

To find the best deals on perfumes, you should visit a number of retailers in-person and online. Additionally, subscribe to retailers’ mailing lists in order to access exclusive discount codes and first releases. You can also log onto websites like RetailMeNot to source discount codes and offers on perfumes. 

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