Tips for Styling Your Wardrobe in the Fall

woman with carved pumpkin on head

As 2022 ends, PSL is back on the menu, and fall is officially here. Those who may have had a wonderful summer in thin dresses and crop tops may need to shake things up and seek out change, as the darker nights begin to creep back in. Below are some of the fall trends expected to see this calendar year, allowing you to get ahead of the curve.

Statement Boots

Big boots for bold personality, cowboy-style knee-high boots have been creeping their way back into the forefront of fashion. These largely leather-bound shin huggers are for those who want to make a statement this fall 2022, and are perfect for those who are trying to change things up and look for something to shake up the wardrobe this winter. A good combination for these boots is a low-cut dress or an oversized blazer to differentiate between the bottom and the top. 

Leather Jackets

Bomber jackets, double-breasted jackets, biker jackets, and large formal leather jackets have been in the range for fall 2022. This tough look has become extremely versatile in recent years, and you can easily find yourself looking roguish, if that is what you look for. On the other hand, a tight white leather piece is also an option for those looking for a sharp feminine style to match their outrageous statement boots. You can find some great examples here.


If you’re looking for an option that can complement your summer wear, knitwear is the way to go. Thin breathable materials can be worn in bright and dark colors, matching your summer sandals, and your pyjamas if need be. Casual knitwear is here to stay in the fall of 2022, and these versatile pieces belong in any wardrobe, and can be considered one of the fall trends every closet needs.

Baggy Denim

Baggy denim became the rage in the winter of 2021, being draped over a range of A-list celebrities. These large baggy jeans stand out for 90s nostalgia, and have found a new home with Millennials and Gen Z. This trend is a slow burner, and luckily, although an item of clothing everybody wants, it’s as simple as replacing your existing jeans with a baggy pair and seeing how you feel going into the winter months.  

Fall 2022 Colors 

The key colors for fall 2022 are olive greens and light teals. These colors contain natural energy and have been on display with classic brands, such as Baum. Royal purple is another color related to the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee that took place this year and having it in front of so many eyes has placed this powerful color on the radar yet again. Multiple color palettes are present and popular currently, but what is mostly on trend is the use of full-color outfits, creating a bold formula for those with fashion-forward attitudes. Examples of this can be seen here.

Sometimes, trying something new is important for your overall aesthetic, so if you are looking for a change, act on it and see how you feel about something new. There are plenty of options out there for everybody, all with different designs and colors to match what you are looking for.

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