3 Ways to Embrace Body Positivity Everyday

a woman looking at the mirror

A recent study shows 94% of female teenagers in the USA claim to have been shamed due to the physical look of their bodies, and it is reported that 40% of women and 20% of men say they would consider cosmetic surgery in the future. These statistics beg the question, why are we not more body positive? 

Nowadays, why continue with all the negativity, and why do people have these physical requirements for the human body? This only greatly accelerates the already present plague of anxiety and depression that’s often related to appearances. Here’s how you can develop a body-positive attitude for yourself and those around you.

Your Digital Playground

Social media is everywhere, and using social media is a big part of life and likely going to continue to grow. 2021 studies have shown that 76% of adults in the USA believe the media portrays unattainable bodies for females, which has been the case for a long time. The vast majority of people feeling this way means there is substance to the statement. Most of the media these days is right in your pocket. It would be best if you catered your social accounts so you do not have fad diet pop-ups on Facebook or crazy weight loss comparisons flashing up on Instagram. These will only promote negative ideas about yourself. There is sufficient evidence that modern media portrays thinness as linked to positive outcomes, which is simply untrue. Just like positive outcomes in life, it is your responsibility to keep these toxic advertisements at bay.

Focus on You!

Focusing on yourself is important for your overall confidence. Try writing down everything you like about yourself to increase your new outlook. Writing them down and reading them aloud daily enforces them. This makes them a tangible asset you will begin to associate with and appreciate within yourself. Actions speak louder than words for human beings, so act on them. Enforcing these positive beliefs can allow you to treat yourself to those cute plus size tops you have been looking at, or even treat yourself to a spa day or massage, providing you well and truly love who you are physically and mentally.

Be Healthy…Realistically

Being realistically healthy is a mind game. In a nutshell, you cannot be targeting physical weight loss. While this may be the end game for anybody looking to lose weight, the healthiest way to go about this is to find a personal reason for it. Everybody wants a great body but behind the aesthetic of a fit body is a love for oneself. You have to want to be healthy mentally and physically if you are to dedicate yourself to lifestyle change. Most people focus on a quick fix that can be damaging to you in the future, both mentally and physically, as that water weight returns within days of you returning to your normal diet. The best way to enforce this level of body positivity is to understand that healthy weight loss is performed at an average of 1lb a week. This allows your body to cope and prevents you from starving yourself or isolating specific food groups because of some crazy fad diet said to do so. Do it your way, the healthy way, because that’s who you want to be.

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