How to Care for Oily Skin

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If you have oily skin, it can make you feel helpless. If you struggle to leave the house without setting powder and blotting paper at the ready or feel your oily skin is always making you feel self-conscious when social events roll around. Settle in for the dos and don’ts of oily skin. It’s time to work with your skin, not against it.

Oily skin simply happens when you produce too much sebum, which is an oily substance that protects and hydrates your skin. Too much sebum can lead to acne, pimples, pigmentation, and redness. But don’t worry, you can use a natural skincare bundle for acne-prone skin. Also, there some are steps you can take to improve your oily skin.

Do Look After Your Skin

Don’t neglect your skincare routine. Ensure that you wash your face every morning and every evening. You’ll also want to wash your face if you’ve been sweating due to exercise. Try to opt for a gentle face wash. Using a strong face wash or even a scrub can irritate your skin and cause more oil production. So, be gentle. 

Do Choose Natural Products 

When combating excess oil, natural skin care products for oily skin are the way forward. Always opt for gentle products without harsh chemicals that could irritate your skin. 

Do Wear Moisturizer and Sunscreen every day! 

When your skin is oily, it is tempting to skip moisturizer, as isn’t it counter-productive to add more moisture? In actual fact hydrating your skin with a lightweight moisturizer will help reduce oil production. 

In addition to moisturizer, it’s also important to protect your skin with an SPF. You can even save time by choosing a moisturizer with SPF. The higher, the better when picking an SPF, just to avoid sunscreens containing unnecessary fragrances and oils. 

Do Use Blotting Paper

Feel free to carefully use blotting paper throughout the day if your skin feels uncomfortable. Gentle press the paper against your face for a few seconds to let it absorb the oil. Do not try to wipe the oil away, and you could end up simply spreading it to other areas of your face.

Don’t Sleep in your Makeup

As we all know, sleeping in your makeup is just a massive skincare no-no, no matter your skin type. So be careful to ensure you’ve removed every last bit of makeup before heading to bed. Your skin will thank you in the morning.

Don’t Touch your Face 

Avoid touching your face throughout the day. If you do need to touch your face for some reason, then ensure your hands are clean before doing so. In general, it should be avoided. Touching your face can spread dirt, oil, and bacteria around.

Remember, when it comes to skincare, consistency is the key. Unfortunately, there are no overnight miracle cures for oily skin, but you can manage it well and be kind to yourself in the process. So be patient and keep at it at it, and you’ll be sure to see improvements 

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