How to Know if it’s Time for a New Job

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Are you feeling frustrated about your current career path? Perhaps you are uncertain about the economy and want to discover what else is out there – just in case. Or maybe you have finally found a spark that excites you in the world of work. No matter where you are on your employment journey, if you are ready for a change, continue reading for some of the best tips to help you find your next role in life.

Take a Test

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If you are uncertain about where to go on your employment trajectory, take the Strong Interest Inventory test. Through an extensive series of questions, this assessment will help you in both your professional and personal life to determine how your life interests, activities, and other facets of your personality may align with your career and educational goals.

Taking an inventory assessment such as this is a great stepping-off point to begin your search on the question of “What’s next?” You will learn how the things you already enjoy participating in as well as your hobbies may point in the direction of a career that best fits who you are. Once you have completed the inventory test, you will receive the results which interpret your scores to help you understand your preferred activities.

Conduct a Job Search

There is a virtual wealth of places in which to find employment today. From a brick-and-mortar job service site to the myriad of online employment search sites you will always have someplace to look. 

It can be overwhelming, however, when beginning a job search to decide which platforms or sites to use. Your best bet is to stick with well-known job search companies to avoid falling victim to fraudulent sites that are only looking to glean your personally identifiable information for their gain.

Do Your Research

After finding a position you are interested in, conduct research on the company itself. Type their name into a reliable search engine and spend some time going through the results. Look for any consistent complaints or other red flags. Enter their name into the Better Business Bureau’s website for further vetting.

The next step is to peruse the company’s website. Thoroughly pour over it to determine if their base values align with yours. If you find misspellings or inconsistent information throughout the site, it is a sign that this is a company you do not want to pursue as it may not be legitimate. Look up their social media accounts and give them a full review, as well.

Stay the Course

While you are looking for and then pursuing a new career or goal, you should remember that being gainfully employed is still an essential part of your life goal. It would not be prudent or financially responsible to quit your current job without having the safety net of your next job securely in place.

It may be difficult to continue working in a position and place that you no longer enjoy, but unless the environment is unsafe physically or mentally, you will need to shore up your personal reserves and stay the course for the time being.

Watch this video for helpful tips on how to shift your mindset at work.

Get Your Paperwork in Order

Nothing shows a potential employer who you are better than your resume and cover letter. Presenting these documents is an opportunity for you to shine and show off what you can offer the company.

As you are uploading your resume and cover letter during the application process, you can use the same ones for each job, but you will be less noticeable and less competitive in a pool of other applicants. A better approach is to tailor your cover letter and resume to the position for which you are applying. Read over the job description in its entirety and pull out keywords or competencies. Now add those words into both of your documents to highlight your experience with those desired qualifications. Regardless of whether a bot or a person reviews your uploads, they are looking for connection points that show you have what they are looking for in a potential employee.

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The general topic of employment is fraught with self-doubt and frustration. Add getting fired to the mix, and you may find yourself feeling overwhelmed by the undertaking. Instead of allowing uncertainty to creep into your decision-making process, be proactive with the aforementioned steps to find the next best career that makes you happy to get out of bed each morning and get to work.

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