Easy Home Decor Ideas to Add Character to Your Home

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Time flies, the season changes, festivals arrive and depart, and so do home decor innovations and trends. Every house needs to be pampered time and again to become a home. A good-looking home is always a center of attraction and a point of conversation among social circles. 

Not only the outer appearance of the home, but the inner decor is equally valuable when it comes to defining the beauty of our home. As such, the interior design industry has gained massive attention over the years and new trends emerge every year. However, people end up spending huge amounts of money on hiring interior decorators, ultimately feeling robbed. Consequently, here are some innovative ideas to add character to your home.

Work with the walls

Walls are the primary location to change the entire outlook of your home. Walls are primarily transformed in two ways. They can either be painted or papered. Some people like it to be textured and painted, and some of them like to add some extra detailing through wallpapers or art nouveau wall prints. This process is the quickest and most cost-effective 

Swap Hardware

Update hardware from door knobs to drawer handles, these little pieces definitely add character to your home. People pay attention to artistic pieces such as glass, crystal, and colored door knobs. 

Always go for secondhand

Buying home decor items from fresh arrivals will surely empty your pockets, however, using secondhand wall hangings, antique pieces, shelves, homewares and furniture from Papaya may develop the look of your home completely. Furniture and homewares are important items to be experimented on. It may change the atmosphere of the entire home. 

Consider spatial qualities

If you have a complete understanding of your home detailings, then you may dig really deep into changing its outlook. If your home is excessively traditional, you may contrast it with a geometric chandelier or may use some vintage-style bed sheets.

Play with colors

Adding color doesn’t mean painting your walls and other pieces, it’s about the knowledge of color you exhibit through contrasted pillow covers, hanging curtains, bed sheets, flowers, and even the color of your carpets. All these colors add animation to your boring space and make it lavish. 

Change the window attire

Adding features to the windows is an exciting part of every home. They must not remain bare, dress your windows with some patterned curtains in the summer season and change the color or pattern accordingly. Always try to contrast it with color and patterns. You could also use bamboo shade striped curtains for an enhanced look.

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Delight the lights

Enhanced lighting with minimal features can change the atmosphere and set the mood. Bright light can revitalize you and soft light is a win-win solution for dinner and quality time. This addition is a critical option with minimal cost and better change. 

After getting acquainted with easy, time-saving, and affordable ideas, we may also take a look into some creative DIYs that are in vogue and can easily transform the aura of your home. But, hiring people to decorate your living space is an expensive idea. Let’s be familiar with a couple of DIY home decor ideas.

  1. Cover the cushions: buying covers rousing old cloth materials for preparing cushion covers is an easy way to change the look of your living space. Different types of patterned and printed cushion covers can surely add warmth to your room. 
  2. Rope Rug: if you have any little space left on the living room floor, then place a rope rug there. It is simple in its stance yet stylish. It gives your room a unique finish with a little bohemian appearance.

To sum up, there are plenty of DIY hacks and ideas available which are impressively cost-effective, creative, and transforming. Take some time out and add warmth and life to your living space of the home.                 

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