Food Sensitivities to Be Aware About in Your 30s

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You’ll encounter plenty of situations you don’t feel prepared for in life. One of these might be dealing with food sensitivity, a reaction similar to allergies but slightly different. Around 10% of adults are sensitive to at least one food, and some of those cases develop in adulthood. The best thing you can do is prepare yourself so you know how to deal with any issues that arise.

What Is Food Sensitivity?

Food sensitivity affects a significant portion of the population in some way. You may have one you don’t know about, or you might develop one later in life. Some symptoms include joint pain or bloating, which can hinder many activities in life.

Food sensitivities are similar to food allergies, but they’re not quite the same. Sensitivities aren’t as severe as allergies, as they can take a while to appear and revolve more around the digestive system than the immune system, which is triggered by allergies.

Life changes might affect how your body reacts to a particular food. You may find you’re sensitive to a certain type of food after moving to a different environment and consuming new things. Some people have food sensitivities after they’ve gone through a pregnancy. Hormones are another huge catalyst for food sensitivities, and you might experience changes during life transitions, such as during puberty or menopause.

The most common sensitivities and intolerances typically involve foods with dairy or gluten. Dealing with dairy sensitivity can be difficult, especially since these products are a main source of calcium, but you can obtain enough from other sources, like kale and broccoli. A low-FODMAP diet has assisted people with irritable bowel syndrome, and it might help you if you have common food sensitivities. Limiting your diet is one way to fight food sensitivity and find out exactly what’s working against you.

3 Ways to Combat Food Sensitivity

Food sensitivity can’t always be cured, but you can take measures to mitigate some of the symptoms. Whether you want to work through your sensitivities or do what you can to avoid triggering them, you have options to help you without dealing with the pain of your symptoms.

1. Know the Menu Beforehand

If you plan to go to a restaurant or party, make sure you know what will be on the menu. The last thing you want to do is show up unprepared and have no safe options that won’t trigger your food sensitivities. Double-check the menu and the party’s accommodations with the host if you know them well enough. You can look up restaurant menus online. 

2. Try an Elimination Diet

Under a doctor’s guidance, you may be able to attempt an elimination diet to see where your food sensitivity lies. You might have an idea of what foods are causing your most severe symptoms, but you can narrow them down even further with this technique. 

Elimination diets require you to omit a certain group of foods from your diet and then see how long it takes you to feel any symptoms of sensitivities. You can rotate between a few foods that you think might cause your symptoms, and over time, you’ll find out whether they are the cause.

3. Restore Your Gut Health

Sometimes, your food sensitivity could come from what you’ve been eating. An elimination diet will help you pinpoint your issue, but working on your gut health could help you eliminate the sensitivity. Consider consuming probiotics or eating things that can make you feel better. Bone broth is often regarded as a superfood that can boost your immune system and improve your gut health, which may affect your sensitivity to certain foods. 

Food Sensitivity Doesn’t Have to Inconvenience You

Whether you want to try to improve your gut health or work around your sensitivities, you have endless options and don’t have to simply deal with your symptoms. Consider searching for foods that can work as substitutes in recipes. Consult with your doctor to find a solution that works well for you. Over time, you may forget that the sensitivity even existed.

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