Four Season Wardrobe Must-Haves for Women

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There are certain fashion items that are essential for all year-round fashion-conscious women. These are the items of female dress that have become rising trends across the globe. Here are the must-haves for a wardrobe that will work for all seasons to make you look and feel you at best.

Leggings and tights of all colors 

Whether they’re worn under oversized jerseys and tops or as part of fitness, healthy outdoor look, leggings and tights are one of the most popular items of clothing at the moment. They’ve become an essential fashion item and depending on the fabric, they can be worn for an entire spectrum of occasions from comfy home wear to smart casual and even smart back tie. Although black clearly rules, using bright colors and matching the overall look has become a big thing, and the absolute latest trend are the faux leather leggings that are now widely available. There must be a pair, or two, or three in every wardrobe.


Jeans or denim is the original workwear and if you buy right, they’ll last forever. Buying the darkest, tightest pair you can find and then watching them fade and loosen is a wardrobe constant and if you don’t have the patience, then you’ll be able to find every shade, texture and level of stretch that you want. They’re a great go-to item for pretty much every occasion and can be both dressed up or down depending on the need. If you’re looking for long-lasting genuine denim, look for the known, well-established brands such as Levi’s and Wrangler, which have been around for hundreds of years and still make some of the hardiest, workwear, and most fashionable jeans that there are out there.

Basic white t-shirts

Nothing beats a plain white t-shirt, and every wardrobe should have a few. They’re like the denim jeans that they go so well with; versatile to the max and can be worn with practically anything. They may not be suitable for cocktail evenings or smart events, but the right white t-shirt can definitely be smart casual and can add a bit of brightness to any outfit. The only difficulty is keeping them looking fresh and bright, because the whole idea is that they should be white and bright.

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Stylish knitwear

The all-purpose jersey or sweater is a go-to item this season for both a touch of class as well as taking the edge off any cool evenings that don’t quite need a coat or jacket yet. Cashmere has always been a top choice and still is, while wool has made a comeback and the color range to look out for is soft greys and blues as well as color blocking with a few brighter options. Use them as your top layer on cooler days or layer them into your winter look to add some extra warmth.

These are the wardrobe must-haves that will keep your fashion on point and trending without costing you too much in the process. Its also about mixing it up and using social media to see what’s looking good out there and what you think will add to your own personal brand and style.

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