10 Awesome Destinations for LGBTQ+ Weddings

LGBTQ wedding destinations

More countries around the world are becoming progressive and finally legalizing same-sex marriages, and gay couples now have the opportunity to plan destination weddings. Hence, there are now more locations to get hitched regardless of your orientation.

As of now, LGBTQ marriages are legally recognized and performed in 29 countries. It is made legitimate either nationwide or in particular jurisdictions inside of the 29 countries. The question now arises, where can you get married?

From Taiwan, Asia to Norway, Europe, there are various destinations to consider. For your convenience, this article will discuss the best destinations for the ultimate wedding you deserve.

Tahiti, French Polynesia

When planning a wedding, considering destination ceremonies might seem overwhelming but can be less intimidating when you research and get tips from various LGBT blogs like Love You Wedding. When you make a plan step by step, it gets easier and more exciting. Besides, getting to marry your soulmate is worth all the effort.

If you are considering a destination wedding, go all out and indulge in the picturesque Polynesian island, Tahiti. This place is the ultimate place for romance where you can also have your honeymoon. 

Whether you are having an intimate ceremony or a lavish wedding, Tahiti can be the ideal venue. The photos of Bora Bora and other places on this island don’t do any justice honestly. The blue lagoons, lush green mountains, and soft white sandy beaches are immensely stunning.

Tahiti is such a magical place, one can consider it as paradise on Earth. Marrying the love of your life under such mesmerizing settings is one of the greatest ways to make this milestone.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Argentina is the first South American country that made same-sex marriage legal. This is a huge stepping stone towards progressiveness for the nation. This turning point also represents the accepting nature and open-mindedness of the Argentinians. 

One of the best places to get married is Buenos Aires. It is considered the mecca for LGBTQ individuals. The place is heavenly with the rich culture and magnificent architecture. The food is amazing, and the cuisine is out of this world.

The sultry climate and environment are also perfect for fun queer tango parties. Your beloved and your wedding guests can also enjoy the delectable local liqueur, the Malbec wine.

Argentine Malbec wine is famous for its velvety textures and delicious grape notes. They are also quite affordable when purchased locally. The local neighborhood of this vibrant Latin American region is very chic and charming.

Argentina also has amazing theaters that can surely enthrall everyone. For the ultimate cosmopolitan gay experience, there are also LGBT-friendly luxurious hotels with beautiful waterfront views and open spaces. Your life partner and you can also spend the perfect honeymoon here after toasting to your nuptials.

San Francisco, USA (California)

San Francisco has been the iconic epicenter for queers for over fifty years. This county is known for being forward-thinking and queer-friendly. It is also the first city to legalize same-sex marriage in America. This can be the ideal place to toast for new beginnings with the love of your life.

This remarkable city boasts scenic views of the Pacific Ocean and spectacular vineyards. All of these features are easily accessible and well-maintained. There are various venues here that are ideal for all kinds of weddings.

You can have a small ceremony with your close ones around and exchange vows in the Garden of Shakespeare. The flowers and greeneries with the works of this critically acclaimed literary icon create an extraordinary ambiance. 

Or you can have a glamorous wedding at the Cliff House where you can relish the splendid oceanic views through the ceiling-to-floor windows. If you love wine and consider yourself an oenophile, cruise over to the scenic hills and plan an event in the local vineyard.

Boston, USA (Massachusetts)

Massauchessets is emblematic for being the first state of the United States to legalize gay marriages. The gay culture and scene in Boston are incredibly charming. Moreover, the historic significance of the LGBT revolution here makes this important event more special.

Boston is ideal for couples who want an elegant wedding in a city with a view of the majestic sea. This region also has numerous LGBT-friendly hotels and plazas where the settings are palatial. The entrances inspired by Beaux art style, the Italian marble counters, and the opulent suites make it a grandiose experience.

Alternatively, if you want a simpler ceremony, you can opt for commemorating your union in hotels like the XV Beacon, which has historic significance and striking vintage details.

You can also embark on your new journey with your soon-to-be spouse by going on a wine tour in the city after the marriage.


History was made when Iceland legalized LGBT marriages and among the first gay couples to get married were former Prime Minister Jóhanna Siguroardóttir and her partner. Iceland possesses lunar-like rustic landscapes, mystical turquoise geothermal waters, and shimmering glaciers.

The natural beauty of this country is astounding. Imagine being betrothed to your true love with the exquisite waterfalls or marvelous ice-capped volcanoes. The mere thought of it gives us goosebumps. You can have a private wedding or sumptuous matrimony here.

From Old Norse weddings to the quaint ceremonies with the panoramic mountain sceneries, Iceland has it all. It also has numerous accommodations ideal for gender-neutral wedding ceremonies. Embrace the acceptance, progressiveness, and wholesomeness of Iceland while stepping into your new conjugal life.

Sitges, Spain

Spain is considered to be one of the most LGBT-friendly countries in the world. This nation is known for hosting impressive annual Pride events. Exclusive LGBTQ music festivals, film fests, and cultural celebrations are also regularly held in this country.

If your fiance and you want a serene wedding, then the captivating coastal city of Sitges will be perfect. The city is renowned for being the home of free-thinking artists where they can express their creativity with no constrictions.

Moreover, the city has resorts that provide LGBTQ specialized wedding accommodation and coordination. With the spellbinding coastline and the ambiance established by the creative hub, Sitges is the ideal venue to forge your big day.

Queenstown, New Zealand

Being known as a forward-thinking nation with progressive cultures and phenomenal landscapes, New Zealand is often sought after for destination weddings for queer couples. 

Queenstown is a metropolis that is very warm and welcoming. This region also offers exciting activities like bungee jumping, skydiving, and water rafting. The place is ideal for adventurous gay couples. 

Moreover, this town holds a week-long Winter Pride festival every year where LGBT people from all over the world attend and take part. The festival comprises lively dance parties, skiing, and leisure walks in the mountains. Tying the knot with your better half in this breathtaking urban area will be a unique experience that will be cherished forever.

Trancoso, Brazil

Brazil is the largest nation in South America that welcomes and accepts queer matrimonial ceremonies. The scenic large cities like Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo are the obvious choices. However, the city of Trancoso can be an exceptional destination.

Trancoso is a humble beach town that is off the radar. It is ideal for intimate nuptials in the beautiful open space with a dreamy beach on the side. The environment is very calm and ravishing. The local culture is incredibly wholesome and enticing.

Marrying your loved one here will surely be remarkable. You can also find beautiful hotels here that can cater to your LGBT wedding requirements.

Manchester, England

Manchester is one of England’s most exhilarating queer hubs. In the heart of this majestic city lies Gay Village which is renowned all over the globe for having historic significance. The exciting LGBTQ Heritage trail near this village also has great importance as it has many civil rights locations.

The Alan Turing Memorial is one of these notable locations. You can exchange rings with your significant other proudly in this city and celebrate marriage equality.

Do not miss out on the Hope Mill Theatre. This is a historic creative space operated by gay individuals. This theater hosts amazing Broadway shows as well as celestial wedding ceremonies. Starting your journey of a lifetime with your significant other in this unique place with great LGBT historic value will be very special.

Mykonos, Greece

Despite gay marriage not being legalized yet in Greece, Mykonos is one of the most LGBTQ-friendly locations. The Mediterranean air is quite refreshing, and the stunning views of the sea take your breath away.

It is truly a bliss to set foot in a loving marriage with your life partner in such a stunning destination. The local cuisine, the hypnotizing blue sea, and the romantic aura will tie the whole event together on an extraordinary note. There are also luxury villas in Mykonos perfect for newlyweds to spend their honeymoon on this island. 

Final Thoughts

Finally getting the opportunity to be with your soulmate for a lifetime is incredibly fulfilling. Celebrate marriage equality with your loved ones in the abovementioned special destinations. We hope you have the perfect wedding you and your beloved truly deserve.

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