How to Find the Perfect Sunglasses

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We’re all guilty of seeing a pair of sunglasses that we absolutely adore and love how we look in them. But when you’re ready to find the next pair of super shades, are you making the mistake of choosing ones that aren’t protecting your eyes or complementing the features of your face? Here’s a guide to finding the best quality sunglasses that’ll keep you in fashion and properly protected at the same time. 

Do they fit right? 

Choosing the perfect pair of sunglasses can mean the difference between feeling and looking fantastic or having some uncomfortable shades that are far too tight for your head. That’s why it’s so important to test out your glasses and move your head around in them. Do they sit well behind your ears? Do they pinch the bridge of your nose too tightly? Will they fall off if you have to bend over for any reason? 

Are they actually protecting you from the sun?

While style and fashion are always going to play some part in the choices we make, it’s also important to remember that sunglasses are designed to protect us from the UV rays of the sun. Being stylish and well-protected isn’t difficult, as long as you’re looking for labels that tell you what percentage of protection your sunglasses can give you against the sun. 

How large are the frames? 

Generally speaking, finding the right sunglasses means understanding what kind of other protection you’ll get beyond the other important factors listed above. Choosing is a great option because theywill give you more protection for sensitive eyes and eyelids too. 

And while smaller and more narrow frames may look good, they aren’t always providing you with the right cover for the sunrays your eyes are being exposed to. If you have any doubt, sometimes choosing sunglasses that are a size larger than you’d normally use can help with this. 

Do they suit the shape of your face? 

It’s wonderful to have unique features and facial shapes. After all, it’s what makes you an individual! But when you’re choosing the best quality sunglasses, it’s incredibly important to find the right pair to not only fit your face but complement that unique shape as well. 

For rounder face shapes, look at sunglasses with square-shaped angle lenses or old-school cat’s eye frames. For more rigid and square-shaped faces, look into a pair of sunglasses that can help to soften those shapes by getting some rounder shapes or aviator-style glasses. If you consider yourself to have a more oval shape to your face, you should be able to pull off any style of glasses! 

Final thoughts

Ultimately, finding the best quality sunglasses possible means considering how they’ll feel on your face, how they’re going to complement the shape of your face, and finally, how they’re going to protect your eyes from the sun. 

Once you’re sure of these essentials, you can have fun and start to explore the most stylish ranges available to you. In no time at all, you’ll look glamorous and cool when you’re out and about while having the benefits of added protection to keep your eyes as healthy as possible. 

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