How Do I Look Good in a Henley Tee?

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There are many guys that own henleys. They are some of the most versatile, comfortable, and well-loved shirts available today. That said, while so many people own henleys, not everyone knows how to style them properly.

So, how do you look good in a henley tee?

Well, that depends on your taste, the type of clothes you have, and the way you want to dress. But while you can experiment with your fashion as much as you want, there are a couple of things you should keep in mind before styling a henley.

And don’t worry – we’ll get into all of that and more below. So, if you’re looking to learn the best ways to wear your henley, you’ve come to the right place.

Who Should Wear a Henley Tee?

Before anything else, you need to make sure that you’re the right person for a henley. The thing about these shirts is that they aren’t for everyone. Like all clothes, henleys fit certain body types better than others, and it’s important to remember this. You can find some good examples here.

The best body type for henleys is skinny to average builds. The way henleys complement different parts of the body is ideal for these people. But on the flip side, these shirts may not be the best option for individuals more self-conscious about their body shapes.

Since these shirts have a round neckline, they can make people look rounder or larger. So, if you’re trying to avoid clothes that do this to you, then you might want to avoid henleys. 

How to Look Good in a Henley

There are an infinite number of ways you can look good in a henley, as there are so many types of henleys available. So, you can always experiment yourself and find the best ways to wear a henley for your style and aesthetic. However, here are some tips for making sure you always look great in a henley.

Buy the Right Fit

To start, it’s very important that you buy henleys that fit properly. An ill-fitting henley is a huge issue as you won’t feel comfortable or look that great in one. So, make sure you know your size properly before ordering henleys for yourself. And if possible, we recommend trying them on before buying so you can see exactly how the shirt falls on your body.

If you have a well-fitted henley, then you will always look good. When it comes to fashion, the fit is everything. So, before you start worrying about the colors and designs on your henley, you first have to focus on the fit.

Layer Up

The most common way to wear a henley is on its own with jeans and sneakers. This is a timeless outfit with which you will never go wrong. However, if you’re looking to elevate your style even more, a great way to do so is by layering up.

Henleys make a great base layer because they are lightweight and comfortable. On top of that, the buttons on the shirt really work well with different layers. This is why henleys aren’t just a summer tee – they can work with tons of winter, spring, and fall outfits as well!

Wear It with Formal Outfits

When you wear a henley, don’t be afraid to dress it up by wearing it with a suit or formal outfit. Because they have buttons, these shirts are great alternatives for dress shirts, and wearing a henley with a suit allows you to feel more comfortable in formalwear while still looking sharp.


Henleys allow you to experiment with various styles and outfits until you find the one that works for you. But if we were to give you one tip to ensure that you always look good in a henley, we recommend always looking at the fit. 

Make sure that before you buy a henley and wear one out to the public that it’s the right size and fits you properly. And once you do that, you can rest assured that you’ll always look good in your henleys!

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