5 Steps to Becoming a Copywriter

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Copywriting is an enjoyable and creative career; it is also quite lucrative and has a lot of scope for professional development. If you think a copywriting career might suit you, read on. All you need to get started is the motivation to be a copywriter, a computer, and an internet connection.  

Start a Writing Habit 

If you want to be a copywriter, you need some writing skills. Chances are you already have some interest in writing if you are thinking about becoming a copywriter, but just because you got some nice feedback from a teacher doesn’t mean your writing is up to scratch right now. 

When it comes to writing, there is always more to learn, and the best way to do this is to formulate a daily writing habit. Use recycled paper to write on daily and improve your writing without harming the environment. Also, use a variety of writing prompts to get you started.  

Learn About the Industry 

Copywriting is big business; not only can you write articles for magazines and newspapers, but your skills and experience are needed in sales and marketing. Part of becoming a successful copywriter is professional development, so remember to learn as you earn with copywriting.

There are several ways you can educate yourself about copywriting on your journey into the industry. The internet has a wealth of resources to use, many of them free, so take full advantage of the articles and videos on offer. Some paid courses are also worth investigating.

Avoid Perfection 

If you have come through school and university, chances are you consider grammar an important feature of writing. It’s not that you are mistaken, but copywriting requires a more creative approach to language. Consider how people genuinely think and speak in the world. 

If you are creating an advert for a company, let’s say a lipstick or makeup brand, and you have a message to convey, it’s better to do this using skillful wording that speaks directly to the audience than to punctuate it with the correct grammar that might kill some of the magic.

Learn Editing Skills 

Along with writing skills, editing skills are important for a copywriter. Again, editing for a copywriter might be a little different from the kind of editing for an academic essay or a rapport. In copywriting, you need to learn how to pare down the sentences and make them sing. 

One good way to practice your editing skills is to pare down your journal entries. It doesn’t matter if you don’t like what you have written that morning; the process is only for practice. If you have a page of writing, try to pinpoint the core meaning and convey it in a word or phrase.

Start Freelancing 

The process of becoming a copywriter is holistic; it is not a step-by-step system. Once you have decided that copywriting is a good career for you, start your practice and look for freelancing opportunities. It’s better to start somewhere than nowhere, so low-paid work can be useful.    

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