8 Millennial Jewelry Trends We Can Actually Get Behind

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Let’s be honest. Millennials, you’ve had your fair share of misses. We aren’t going to sugarcoat it. It’s a fact. It’s a reality that every generation goes through — some trends are just bad. Hammer pants, low-rise jeans (no matter who keeps trying to gaslight us into thinking they look good), bowler hats. The trends you look back on and go, “Why did we ever think that looked good?”

We’ve had some absolute style misses as a society throughout the years. However, Millennials, this time we come in peace. You’ve had some jewelry trends we love, and we’re here to show our appreciation.


No, not that awful section of YouTube filled with gurus we won’t name here. Minimalist jewelry. A nod to the classics that were modernized to fit the times. Sure, there’s something to a giant rock on your finger and some people like that. If that’s your thing, fair enough. For others, though, the trend was toward solitaire engagement rings and other pieces of jewelry.

After a couple of decades of loud prints and visual clutter, minimalism made its way into the hearts and minds of Millennials. Say Marie Kondo three times into a mirror, and your apartment is perfectly ordered. With a love for simpler colors and clean lines on jewelry of all sorts, minimalist jewelry, such as a minimalist earrings set, in general, is something we’re here to cheer on.

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Casual Jewelry

This is almost a section 1b more than a second one since it often goes hand in hand with minimalist jewelry stylings. Still, simple casual jewelry was a way to up the look of your outfit without a lot of extra work. 

Of course, this isn’t a new phenomenon. Millennials picked up the torch of the casual everyday jewelry look and ran with it like they were in the opening ceremonies of the Olympics. While they didn’t invent it, they didn’t let it die out — and that’s important, too.

Neckwear Stylings

We saw the choker come back, especially towards the tail end of the Millennial generation. The ’90s have made their way back into our lives and left a lot of the weirder parts behind. Look, the 1990s in the U.S. was a fun time for many, and we aren’t slandering it. There were just a few less-than-stellar choices. However, chokers coming back and being more of a fashion accessory than a niche statement piece is something we’re all in favor of.

Beyond chokers, low-profile chains and necklaces added depth to outfits. While most of us haven’t been wearing a Cuban link, it’s quite easy to find something with a gold necklace these days. 

Those who wanted to do even more were met with layered jewelry. While it takes a little bit of work to pull this off, those who do it well can elevate even the most casual of outfits. It definitely requires more thought, but the payout is high.

Wooden Rings

This might be a controversial opinion, but we tend to like the look of a wood ring. Now, all wooden rings were not made equal. If, however, you get a good one, it’s a look. It’s not going to be everyone’s thing, and that’s fine, but we’re really glad it became a thing. Of course, wooden rings are incredibly old, but everything old is new again. Wooden rings are no exception.

Bold Drop Earrings

Especially if it’s in an interesting color like a sapphire or emerald, these are always a bold statement. Not exactly ideal for most casual settings, these really shine (in some cases, literally) in formal settings.

Multiple Rings at Once

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Not just bands to go with your ring, though stacked wedding rings also were a trend we loved. More so, the mixing and matching of more casual rings. You know the look. If someone pulled off several rings on the same hand and didn’t look like they just chose them at random, it was pretty impressive. Especially over the last few years, we’ve seen this and loved it. 

Mixed Metals

This has long been a controversial subject. Some believe you should never mix your metals, while others think that’s an antiquated style rule. We tend to be in the latter camp. While there is 100 percent a wrong way to mix metals, there’s also a really good way to do it if you’re fashion savvy. 

Mix gold and silver to your heart’s content, but it’s usually best to have one be the predominant color and the other adding a little bit of pop and depth to balance things out. If you’re really feeling up to the task, rings of different colors, even ones that aren’t traditional metals, can make for a unique look. 

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The Statement Piece

Whether it’s on your hand, neck or ears, a statement piece is always a bold choice. We’ve seen a lot of great instances of this over the last several years, and it’s a trend that lies dormant at times but never seems to die out. If you have a bold piece you’ve got your eye on, consider it as a statement piece you can bring out for formal or special occasions. 

Millennials, you’ve had some winners over the past years and we want to give you your flowers for it. When you get made fun of for your Harry Potter house, come back to this list for a little bit of encouragement.

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