Don’t Miss Out On These Personal Touches When Building Your Business

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Building a business shouldn’t be something you’re disconnected from. Both socially and emotionally, you need to get involved at a personal level, as it’s the best way to connect with any and all clients that come your way. And when it comes to trying to market yourself, that personal element is going to take you so much further! 

After all, people love to recognize those behind a brand, and identify with you as you innovate products for them. If you’re not accessible to them, you’re doing yourself a big disservice. But how can you go the extra mile? Well, it all starts with realizing who your customers are and how you can connect with them. As such, here are some of the best personal touches to include in your marketing efforts when building up your business. 

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Send Out Customized Emails

Customized emails might sound like a lot of effort you can’t afford, but with the right tool, you can easily set up an email marketing campaign to include all of the right customization elements. 

From names to locations to the things your customer has complained about and/or indicated they would like to buy, you can input all these differing details into copies of the same email and send them out to the right people. 

Why does this work? Because it proves you listen! It also adds a lot of value to your marketing emails, and makes people far less likely to hit the unsubscribe button. You’re managing to be relevant, and all because you took the time to get a picture of a customer’s lifestyle. 

Talk to Customers on Social Media

Social media is the best place to get personal. Not only can you share anecdotes from business life to make people laugh or smile or better understand the way you work, but you can also talk directly to them. 

You can get their opinion and feedback, their compliments and complaints, and all through a few personable words sent each and every way. And when you’ve got a social media profile, you’ll get a lot of these! 

If you prove you’re there behind the screen and ready to talk, you’ll have various amounts of people interacting with you throughout the day. Make sure your social tone matches your brand tone – you don’t want to get a little too ‘sassy’ if you’re trying to pitch yourself as the business next door who just wants to help out! 

Hand Out Merchandise or Free Samples

Merchandise carries your business name, brand logo, and maybe even your company motto. It’s also covered in your brand colors and helps to cement that image in people’s minds. 

Because of this, you may want to start ordering merchandise to hand out at business events, as part of employee award packages, and to be packed into orders just before they ship. This is one of the best personal touches of all. You can also include a business thank you card in the packages to have a long-lasting effect on the customer’s mind. A bit of market research to find out how you can increase the value of your product line and you’ll end up with some great merchandising and sample ideas. 

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After all, when you send out something like Branded Pet Items to your dog-owning customers, it means you understand who they are and what’s important in their life! And who doesn’t love to connect over love of animals? 

Recognize the People Who Shop the Most

And to finish off here, make sure you reward the loyalty of the customers who shop with you time and time again. This is one of the greatest ways to prove you’re a personal company who knows the ins and outs of the current shopping landscape. 

In a time when prices are high and wallets are tight, you’re allowing people the chance to claim something for free when they really need it! 

Not only that, but it ensures someone has a reason to come back. It’s a bit like inviting someone over in your actual personal life. Take a moment to be friendly and generous and the results will be tenfold. 

If you want to build a business people come to know, you’re going to need to get personal! It’s hard to connect with a corporate entity, and that sense of humanity will push you far ahead in the digital world. The more you can be ‘you’, and the more that shines through in your company efforts, the more clients will find their way to you. It’s a proven tactic, and it’s one you should always consider using! 

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