Important Factors to Consider When Sending Money Abroad

Each day, thousands and thousands of people send money overseas for various reasons. The reasons could be; sending money for educational purposes, purchasing property, booking a vacation, or when you send money home to family.

Choosing a reliable and legit service provider for transferring your money overseas is crucial to saving your wallet from hefty charges. There are various ways of sending money abroad, each with specific terms, conditions, and rates.

In this article, you will learn all the details you need to know and consider before you send your money abroad. They include:

The Current Foreign Exchange Rates

Before sending money Abroad, check the current foreign exchange rates. The Forex market is one of the largest businesses worldwide. Both companies and individuals transact the forex market daily. Studies show that about 14 trillion funds are transacted in a day. That means it is a very volatile business since the rates keep changing every second. Knowing the current exchange rate will help you decide the best service that will offer the best rates. It is economical to send large sums ago rather than smaller amounts many times. 

The reputation of the Transfer Service

Cash transfer intermediaries are becoming common compared to banks because of their relatively lower charges. However, you need to research their credibility and reputation before you use them. One of the things to look out for is whether the agent you’re using is licensed. Reading customer reviews online can also help you know what other customers have experienced using the service. 

Transaction Charges

Naturally, you will want to send your money abroad with as minimal charges as possible. All money transfer intermediaries charge some transaction fee for sending. Compare the expenses and choose the one that favors your wallet the most. 

 Good Customer Service

Quality customer service is a key factor to consider when looking for a foreign exchange agent besides fees and rates. Good customer service entails excellent communication skills, courtesy, relevant knowledge, information concerning their products, etc. Complications, delays, and document confusion occur in online transactions. The last thing you want is a rude and inconsiderate customer care attendant. Invest some time to research the intermediary you choose to be sure about their customer service.

Efficiency and Convenience 

Standing in long queues waiting to transact money is now a thing of the past. Technology has improved all sectors, including the financial and economic sectors. You can now send money abroad from the comfort of your bed. All you need is to upload the necessary documents online, and you’re set to go. Make sure the money service provider you use is technology compliant.

Online Foreign Exchange Experts

Access to forex exchange dealers is crucial if you’re a big corporation sending money abroad regularly. Individuals doing big one-time transactions can also benefit from these experts. Since the FX market is highly unpredictable and unstable, an expert can advise on market signals, alert rates, and other helpful financial information.

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The Time Duration of the Money Transfer

Traditional banks may take three to five days to process funds. Thanks to technology that is evolving so fast, things have changed for the best. Online money intermediaries take a shorter time. You can send money abroad, and the recipients receive it in minutes. 

Terms and Conditions of the Transfer Service Provider 

Banks, foreign exchange companies, and forex brokers have terms and conditions for transferring funds. Read and understand the terms and conditions of a money transfer medium before you decide to use any service. You don’t want your money to get lost just because you missed to follow one rule or requirement. Although your bank may recover it, it’s a total inconvenience and ate of time both for the sender and receiver. 

Time! Time! Time!

Avoid waiting until the last minute to make rush plans to transfer your money abroad. You’re likely to make costly mistakes if you do so or get inconveniences if there are any delays. Plan ahead of time to allow yourself to do enough research on the best rates available among your sending partners. Some transfer companies offer lower charges on holidays and special days. Knowing this can help you save.


Sending funds to a foreign country can be easy and fast if you take the time to analyze a transfer agent before signing up for their service. Avoid last-minute plans on sending money abroad because you are likely to incur higher charges or make mistakes. All in all, a provider that offers instant transfers at the lowest charges is the best option always.

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