12 Steps to Create A Family-Friendly Outdoor Space

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There are few better ways to enjoy the rising temperatures than in your backyard. Whether you prefer to pull out the sunbeds or sit around the garden table sipping Pimms and sharing stories with friends and family, the springtime weather makes everyone feel a little better, because summer’s on the way. 

But, some gardens aren’t always the relaxing space you crave, and this can put quite the wrench in your spring and summer plans. If you’ve got kids, you want to give them a great outdoor space to play once the weather heats up, while you’ve no doubt got plenty of plans to hang out with your friends with a cold drink (or even several). So, how can you create the perfect family-friendly outdoor space? Here are twelve ideas to consider. 

Tidy Your Garden Up 

You won’t be able to transform your garden into the perfect family-friendly outdoor space without first tidying it up. Hopefully, this isn’t too big of a job, but if you’ve only just moved in and want to make the most of your backyard, some DIY landscaping may be on the cards. 

Everyday issues like mowing the lawn and cutting back overgrown branches and bushes are a good place to start. However, you may also need to relay or plant grass seed to give your lawn a healthier look. If the garden doesn’t feel right for playing or spending time there, you may need to reconsider the layout, too. 

Create A Patio Space 

As much as you may want to see as much green as possible throughout your garden, this is not always so convenient or feasible. Instead, installing a patio space can add some exceptional versatility to your backyard and give you and your family a place to hang out in case the grass is soaking wet. 

You can make the patio area as functional as possible, including a BBQ grill as well as tables and chairs for you to sit in. This is also a great spot to spend time in on those mornings during the spring and summer when the sun rises early and you can enjoy a little peace and quiet before starting your day. 

Plan For Rainy Days 

Regardless of where you live, you’ll need to consider that there could be bad weather at some point throughout the year. Planning for rainy days can still make your garden easily accessible all year round, so consider various additions or extensions that might benefit your yard. 

You may even be able to upgrade existing awnings to make them more functional for your patio. The range of roofing options on clearambershop.com can give you a strong idea of what your outdoor area could be with the right approach. 

Give Your Kids A Space to Play

All kids need space to play in the garden, but you might worry that giving them free rein could end up with significant damage to your garden. Investing in the right turf for their play area as well as designating specific spots where they can spend time with friends or set up swing sets or jungle gyms will also make them feel like it’s their garden, too. 

Of course, all these factors depend on how big your yard is. If you are trying to make the most of a small amount of space, you may benefit from laying turf across your entire garden to make it easier for your kids to enjoy the yard. 

Consider Lighting 

Gardens aren’t just for the daytime. Some of the best times in any garden are after the sun goes down, and you can enjoy a few drinks with some of your favorite tunes. But, this isn’t so much fun in the dark, so setting up outdoor lighting will make a significant difference. 

And, there are many options you can embrace, including regular patio lighting, lighting flower beds, or fairy lights that add a relaxing glow to your outdoor space. These lights also serve a functional security benefit as they can ward off anyone with bad intentions of accessing your home while you’re sleeping. 

Consider the Temperature 

The temperature will also impact how comfortable and enjoyable your garden is. Outdoor propane heaters are a common choice, especially for smaller areas where everyone can huddle around the heater as the nights get longer and the temperature drops. You can also set up a wood burner on the patio. 

Conservatories, sunrooms, or sheds also make great choices to keep the party rolling even if it’s too cold to remain outside, while a stack of blankets is a more economically friendly choice that will appeal to anyone who has ever spent time at a ski resort and sipped hot chocolate to stay warm late into the night.

Get Rid of Hazards

You may not realize it, but your garden has more hazards than you might expect. Everyone from insects to fungus, and more could cause issues for your friends and family, especially if you live in parts of the country that are typically tropical and humid. 

Removing these hazards by thoroughly checking your garden before inviting people over will prevent the chances of disease, while specialized insect repellents are also useful if you want to spend a swarm summer’s evening outdoors. 

Plant Flowers

A family-friendly garden isn’t just about functionality. You also want it to look good during the day. The best way to do this is to get your hands dirty and plant flowers. There are so many options for you to consider that it’s easy enough to pick something to add color, like a bush of quicksand rose, and fragrance to your garden, even if you’ve never done any gardening before.  

These flowers can also help the environment, and it may also be worth letting a patch of wildflowers grow in the corner as this will attract bees and allow them to pollinate, boosting their ecosystem and making the world a more pleasant and liveable place. 

Make It A Place to Entertain 

There’s no point in transforming your garden into a family-friendly space if you do not let anyone else spend time there. Having a spot to entertain means your family and your nearest and dearest will have a useful space to catch up, even if your lives are extremely busy. 

Making your garden comfortable for everyone will ensure people are happy to drop by for a drink and a catch-up, and you can even make it an area to host birthday parties, especially for your kids. To make this happen, you’ll need to think about all the little details that go into making a space suitable for everyone to ensure they feel at home when in your garden. 

Invest In Different Cloths, Pillows, and Patterns 

If you want to capture the essence of every season, you can invest in a variety of clothes, pillows, and patterns that will help your garden match the vibe. When summer comes around, bright hues or seaside-style patterns are a must. For winter, you may want to unleash something a little more modest (but also easy to clean). 

These may seem like small details, but they are crucial for making your garden feel more like home, even if other people don’t notice them. They can make your garden design feel complete, making all your hard work worth it. 

Durable, Weatherproof Furniture

It’s also worth investing in durable and weatherproof wooden furniture from madeinthecellar.co.uk. The best way to overcome this is to look for materials that can withstand various temperatures and conditions. Composite and polyethylene are two great options, especially if you’re looking for something lightweight. 

You can also invest in a garden box to store smaller furniture items or cushions, while a waterproof cover can protect the material from rain and snow, and you should also use this for your grill to prevent any issues when you’re ready to fire it up for the first BBQ of the season. 

Consider Your Budget 

Before you start anything, though, you’ll need to consider your budget. Think about what you can afford and how this could impact what you do with your garden. You won’t be able to transform your garden into a family-friendly space overnight, and it will take time to make it perfect. It’s best to start with the things you feel are most vital, such as garden furniture and toys for the kids. Instead of buying ready-grown flowers and plants, you can also save a lot of money by planting seeds and tending to them to ensure they are ready for summer. 

Fun For Everyone 

From your kids splashing around in the paddling pool to you tending to the grill ready to serve up something delicious to go with your glass of wine, these tips can transform your garden in more ways than you’d expect. They can make your outdoor space a fun spot for everyone and with the right approach, you can use your garden throughout the year and not just when the weather decides to behave. 

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