The Legal Implications of Lab-grown Diamonds

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Shopping for a diamond for your intended should be a joyful process. However, the history of diamond mining and the environmental concerns around diamond mines can make your search more difficult. Today, shoppers have more options. You can purchase a certified mined diamond that is not connected to unethical activities. You can also purchase a lab created diamond and save yourself the risk.

Is a Lab Created Diamond a Real Diamond?

Yes. Both naturally occurring and lab created diamonds are made of carbon. They are formed under intense heat and pressure. The fundamental difference between a mined diamond and a lab grown diamond is that lab created diamonds have a laser inscription on the bottom of the stone. Once you purchase a lab created diamond, you will receive certifications of purity and quality. This certification will also confirm that your diamond is lab grown.

How Can I Be Sure That my Lab Created Diamond is Properly Valued?

You need to buy your diamonds from a qualified diamond seller. Anything as small and valuable as a diamond needs to be guaranteed by the seller before you make your investment. Rare Carat Online Diamond Marketplace has a 4.9/5 rating on Google Business and a very high rating on Trustpilot. When you’re ready to buy, you can also get help in designing the perfect engagement ring and your wedding bands.

Are Lab Created Diamonds The Smarter Way to Buy Engagement Rings?

The process of mining any gem is fraught with risk. Currently, the deepest diamond mine in the world is more than 2,000 feet deep. The risks for investors is high, the pressure on the environment is extreme and the risk for those who work in the mines is life-threatening. If you want a mined diamond, you can find one that has been collected in a safe and ethical manner.

However, such diamonds are quite expensive. The larger the stone you want, the more it will cost. Depending on your budget, you may have an easier time getting the engagement ring and wedding bands that you want if you choose lab created diamonds.

Are Lab Created Diamonds the Same Quality as Mined Diamonds?

Just like mined diamonds, lab created diamonds are judged by the 4Cs of diamond quality: Cut, Carat, Clarity and Color. You can get your lab created diamond in any cut you choose, from the highly faceted round cut to the more old-fashioned cushion cut. If you want an asymmetrical gem, you might consider an oval, marquise or pear cut.

The clarity of lab created diamonds varies, just as mined diamonds do. Clarity refers to inclusions within the stone or blemishes on the surface. While stones with many inclusions are considered to be of lower quality, it is possible to create a very unique ring with a single large salt and pepper diamond loaded with inclusions.

Color variations are also an option if you like. Naturally occurring diamonds and lab created diamonds alike can have a yellow or brown tint. While yellow or brown diamonds are considered to be of lower quality, they can be quite striking in the right setting.

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It is in the carat, or weight, of your diamond that a lab created stone offers many benefits. An excellent cut 2-carat round diamond from a mine will cost approximately $6,000. A similar lab created gem will cost 1/3 that much. Round cuts feature the most facets, so exterior blemishes and interior inclusions will be harder to see.

Should you want an emerald cut of the same size, you can expect to spend around $2,000 for a lab created gem. A mined diamond of the same size and quality will cost more than $5,000. Once you determine your ring budget, you will see that you have the chance to buy either more small diamonds or a larger single stone if you choose to add a lab created gem to your ring.

Design Your Own Ring

In addition to getting a top-notch diamond with certifications vouching both for quality and for the origin of the stone, you can design your own ring with the tools found on the Rare Carat site. With this tool, you can design a ring in white, rose or yellow gold, as well as platinum. The control offered to shoppers on Rare Carat will give you the time to choose a metal, a setting and a diamond or collection of diamonds to create a ring that is one of a kind for your beloved.

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