6 Signs You’re Wearing the Wrong Bra Size

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Women come in all shapes and sizes, making it hard to discover which bra size is right for you. 

Here are six signs you’re wearing the wrong one so you can find your ideal match. 

Your Band Isn’t Horizontal 

One of the ways to know if your bra is the right size is to determine where the band sits along your back. It should lay flat, regardless of your cup size. 

Enlist a friend or partner to figure out how your band sits on you. You could also set up a camera to take pictures of your back or use mirrors to get an accurate view. If your band bunches upward, it is too small. It might be too large if it hangs down on the tightest hook or separates from your back. 

Your Straps Are Uncomfortable 

How your bra’s straps feel can be a good indicator of how it fits. Loose straps could cause the other parts of your bra to sit unevenly or feel heavier than they should. Tight ones could dig into your shoulders and pull you up too high. 

Adjustable straps allow you trial and error to make your bra fit right. However, set straps require careful consideration before purchase. It’s always best to try these on to ensure your straps fit snugly but not too tight on your shoulders. 

Your Cups Feel Too Large or Small 

Your cups should hold your breasts comfortably but securely inside. It is easy to misjudge the size and shape of your needed cup. 

Unless the manufacturer designed the bra to create cleavage, your whole breast should remain within the cup. When you walk, you shouldn’t feel a lot of shifting within the cups or that they impede the movement of anything but your breasts. For example, you don’t want a cup to travel down your back or too far up to your shoulder. 

You also don’t want your cups to press your breast too flat against your chest, which could lead to discomfort and indicate that you need a larger size.

The Wire Lifts Off Your Chest 

Underwires should sit below your breast and against your chest. If it lifts off your chest, it is likely a sign that you have the wrong size. 

Bras that are too small could force the wire to travel up and away from your chest. Fabric looseness in larger ones keeps them from lying against your chest. 

The Last Set of Hooks Are Not Snug 

Your bra should fit nicely on the furthest hook away from the other side of the bra, not the closest. 

A well-fitting bra’s clasp will be snug but comfortable against you. It will stretch with repeated washing and wearing, so you must clasp it further inward over time. 

Once you get to where the furthest-in clasp is loose, it is time to get a new bra. 

You Can’t Fit Two Fingers Underneath Your Band 

You should be able to fit two of your fingers underneath the band if it’s secure and comfortable. If you can’t do that on the best-fitting clasp, your bra is the wrong size. 

Bands that dig into your skin mean your bra is too small. However, fitting more than two fingers underneath indicates it’s too large. You might need to adjust the clasp if it isn’t on the furthest one in. If it is, it is time to invest in a new bra. 

Why Your Bra Fit Matters 

Your bra fit matters more than you might think. A properly-fitted bra can improve aesthetics and comfort and keep your breast healthy. 

The wrong bra size can cause chafing, bruising and pain or discomfort. While this pain is ordinarily benign and often goes away by finding the right bra, you shouldn’t just live with it. 

While a poor-fitting bra could cause discomfort, you should always get severe or recurring pain checked by a physician. Prevent false alarms by getting the right fit.  

Finding Your Perfect-Fitting Bra 

Use these tips to find the right-sized bra for you and wear it with confidence. It will help you look and feel great.

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