5 Tips on Achieving a Perfect Smile (Without Whitening!)

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Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you — you deserve a great one. You might think of a perfect smile as whiter teeth, but teeth whitening is not for everyone. There are some risks associated with it. For example, the peroxide in most at-home kits could lead to increased tooth sensitivity and gum damage. Meanwhile, professional whitening services could cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Here are five tips for achieving the perfect smile without teeth whitening. 

1. Spread Your Tongue Behind Your Teeth 

While you probably don’t stick your tongue out for photos, have you ever thought about where you put it when you smile?

If you let your tongue drop, stick it to the roof of your mouth or place it over to the side, you can make your smile look more natural by changing it up. Try putting your tongue near the top of your mouth behind your teeth and spread it out. This keeps your mouth in a more natural position, making your smile look better.

It might take some practice, but once you develop muscle memory, you should be able to nail your tongue’s position every time. 

2. Think of Something Funny or Joyful 

Everyone has two different smiles — an unconscious one and a conscious one. 

Your unconscious smile is the one you do without noticing. This smile comes with a genuine laugh or when you feel happy about something. You have more control over your conscious smile, which is when you pose for a photo or try to reassure someone. 

When you consciously smile, try thinking about the small things that make you smile unconsciously, whether it’s spending time with a close friend or family member at your favorite place or something you find funny. This strategy can help you produce your natural smile whenever you aim to have one. 

3. Change How You Brush 

Many people brush their teeth incorrectly, which can affect their smile’s appearance. If you find yourself with red or swollen gums and teeth that still seem to have residue after you brush, there are ways to improve your technique. 

Dentists recommend brushing your teeth vertically in a circular motion instead of straight up and down or side to side. When you brush, start at your gum line and work your way down. This helps remove any bacteria that could inflame your gums or cause gingivitis. Cleaner, healthier teeth make for a better smile.

4. Focus on Your Lips 

When you smile, you might focus on your teeth, but your lips can make a huge difference too. Dry or cracked lips can be a distraction from nice-looking teeth. Try to keep your lips gently exfoliated to ensure they’re smooth. Staying hydrated and using chapstick can help keep your lips plump and healthy. 

If you want a whiter-looking smile, consider adding lipstick. Reds, pinks and purples with blue undertones can cancel out teeth’s natural yellowing, making your smile appear whiter than it is.

5. Embrace Your Smile 

Everyone’s smile is different. Don’t feel like you must change yours because of what someone else says. While there are ways to make your conscious smile look more natural, your most genuine smile is part of what makes you unique.

If you really want to change your smile, go for it! However, if you just want to feel more confident, there are other techniques that don’t involve changing how you express your happiness. Embracing your smile can help you see the beauty it already has. 

Achieving Your Perfect Smile

There are many ways to easily and effectively improve your smile without whitening. You can get your perfect smile by staying hydrating, changing your tongue placement, brushing better and improving your confidence. 

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