6 Health Tips for Your Next Concert

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Concerts should leave you with incredible memories, not a virus that makes you sick. Whether you’re one of the global Swifties preparing to attend the Eras tour or another music fan dreaming of watching your favorite performer, you know concerts don’t have the healthiest environments. Prepare to dance with thousands of other concertgoers by using these tips to stay healthy while you have fun.

1. Bring Hand Sanitizer

Small stage venues, arenas and concerts always have public bathrooms to keep attendees comfortable. They’re also where you can wash your hands between bathroom breaks and snacks, but only if the soap dispensers aren’t empty.

Bring a small bottle of hand sanitizer in your pocket or a venue-approved clear bag. You won’t need to risk getting sick just because there’s no soap in the bathrooms.

Don’t worry about getting a specific type, either. Recent research shows standard brands are just as effective as hand sanitizers approved for medical use by the World Health Organization.

2. Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Indoor and outdoor concerts put you more at risk of getting sick. You’ll be around strangers that come from all over the world, which means you’ll come across virus strains your body might not have encountered before.

You can always bring a multivitamin to boost your immune system while traveling for a concert, but sleeping supports your health, too. As you rest, your body activates its defenses by decreasing the stress hormone cortisol. Your immune system won’t need to waste energy fighting to maintain its efficiency, so it’ll be stronger when you arrive for your concert.

3. Carry an Optional Face Mask

You never know who will be around you at a concert. Whether you’ve got floor tickets or assigned seating, the people beside you might make you uncomfortable by continuously coughing or sneezing. Adding an optional face mask to your vacation packing list — along with band-aids and extra deodorant — might put you at ease. Keep it folded in your pocket or bag in case you’d like to wear it to keep viruses out of your lungs.

4. Wear Sunscreen All Day

Investing in sunscreen is an essential health tip for your next concert. It’ll block ultraviolet (UV) rays while you’re waiting outside the stadium to get the best floor spots or jamming to songs during the sunset.

Other factors that can affect how UV rays harm your skin include:

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  • Your distance from the equator
  • The time of day
  • Your altitude

It’s always better to apply sunscreen before leaving for an outdoor concert. You may also want to reapply if you’ll be in the sun for more than a few hours. Check the venue’s bottle restrictions to ensure you can take sunscreen through the front doors.

5. Schedule Medication Reminders

Many people need to take their prescription medications at the same time every day. If your daily medication time falls during an upcoming concert, don’t leave your health to chance. Schedule a vibrating alarm on a smartwatch so you can feel it go off. You won’t miss a dose and potentially suffer adverse side effects by taking your medication late.

6. Try Using Earplugs

Your ears might start hurting if you’re right against the stage or a set of concert speakers. The volume can be uncomfortably loud within concert venues, so bring foam or wax earplugs just in case. You won’t risk damage to your ears while rocking out with your favorite artists.

Prepare for Your Next Concert

Your concert experience should be the time of your life. Stay healthy and comfortable by using these tips before your next big music event of the year. Simple things like wearing sunscreen, bringing hand sanitizer and avoiding secondhand smoke will keep you healthy no matter which concerts you attend.

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