The Perfect Pair: 8 Matching Swimsuits & Sunglasses This Summer

With the sun shining brightly during this summer, your beach outfit will only be complete with sunglasses. Your choice of sunglasses can have a great impact on your outfit – so choose wisely! Here are eight matching swimsuit and sunglasses combinations to help you choose your next beach outfit.

1. Fashion Your Way

Ninox Gold from Privado Eyewear with Noelle Top and Noelle Bottom from WET

If you’re an avid fan of fashion, you’ve probably watched a beach fashion show. Why not imitate this and make the beach your fashion runway as well? Match your trendy high-waisted two-piece swimsuit with a pair of irregular-shaped, stylish sunglasses to keep everyone’s eyes on you. You may also want to add a summer shawl as a wrap-around skirt for cover-up as you slay your summer outing!

2. Radiate Your Elegance

Aviator Flash Lenses from Ray-Ban and Felicity from WET

Gold frames work well if you’re aiming for a sophisticated look. Combine this with one-piece luxury swimsuits in white to keep that classic, elegant style. Ribbons and ruffles can also help you achieve this look. Complete your outfit with a necklace or two in gold shades for an extra luxurious feel.

3. Play With Bold Colors

Izzy & Oliver Color Sunglasses and V-Plunge One Piece Swimsuit from Beach House Boutique

You can’t spell beach without fun (not literally, though)! Show how much you’re enjoying your time in the sun by wearing bright and colorful swimsuits! You can opt for solid-colored swimwear or play with graphic-style swimsuits with beach motifs. Pair this with colorful frames, and you’ll surely radiate how fun you are as a person to everyone!

4. Go Wild With Prints

Max Mara Cat-Eye Sunglasses by Saks Fifth Avenue and Leopard Wrap One Piece by Aerie

Are you a party girl or just feeling ‘wild’? If that’s the case, animal prints will look good on you! If you’re already wearing an animal print swimsuit, you don’t have to choose frames with a leopard-patterned sun frame. Instead, you can pair it with a cat-eye frame to keep it wild—and sultry! Finish this look with a pair of hoop earrings.

5. Love Is In The Air

62mm Oversized Heart Sunglasses from Gucci and Wrap it Up Pink One Piece by Pink Lily

Will you be spending your beach vacation with your special someone? You may want to get form-fitting swimsuits. These bathing suits will enhance your body’s curves for a sexier look. Pair this with metal statement sunglasses, such as heart-shaped ones. 

6. Unleash Your Inner Athleticism

58mm Aviator Glasses from Ray-Ban and Eco Solid Flyback One Piece from Speedo

Your beach trip may be filled with a lot of water activities and beach sports. For a sporty beach adventure, try a one-piece performance bathing suit and a classic pair of aviator glasses. Pair this with a baseball cap or a sun visor if you won’t be going in the water.

7. Travel Back In Time

Round Mod Sunglasses from Claire’s and Vintage Retro Polka Dot Swimsuit on Amazon

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women in colorful dress posing in front of white wall

There’s something magical about wearing vintage-style swimwear. Show your love for 50s-style fashion on your next beach trip by pairing statement glasses and a multi-tone swimsuit. Round plastic glasses work well if you’re aiming for that retro look. Finish it up with a straw hat or a big ribbon to complete the look. 

8. Going Back To  Basics

Cyprus from Privado Eyewear and Scoop One-Piece Swimsuit from Victoria’s Secret

You can never go wrong with the basics. If there’s a LBD (little black dress) for formal wear, we should have the same in swimwear! These essentials can be worn over and over again and should be a part of your wardrobe. Your beachmates may not even notice if you repeat this combo on your next beach trip! 

Pair this with a pair of classic oversized black sunglasses that would go well for all occasions, even if you’re not going to the beach.

Show Off Your Personality with Shades & Swimwear

Photos by Heber Galindo, Evgeniy Alyoshin, Artem Beliaikin via Unsplash

Your beach outfit will radiate your personality to other beachgoers. You can level this up when you have matching sunglasses and swimsuits! So, go and start prepping your summer wardrobe! Happy shopping!

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