The Whiskey Decanter: A Guide To Crafting The Perfect Whiskey

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The art of whiskey-making is a careful process with many necessary steps. It is an art that has to be learned and mastered. Mastery of this art lets you join an industry with a valuation of $80.9 billion in 2022. Using a decanter is essential in mastering the art and making the perfect whiskey.

While at a fancy restaurant or when watching a movie, you have probably seen a drink poured from a fancy crystal container you’re sure isn’t the bottle it came in. This is a decanter. 

A decanter is a vessel in which liquid is poured into and from which it is subsequently served. Many people who own decanters use it to serve their liquor. They are aesthetically pleasing to look at and are easy to use. They are also a vital tool in crafting your perfect whiskey.

The Whiskey Decanter

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A whiskey decanter is just a decanter into which whiskey is poured and stored from its bottle. While decanters are more commonly associated with wine, whiskey decanters are slowly becoming common. Whiskey decanters were first introduced due to the lack of whiskey in bottles. 

They come in different shapes and sizes, and their presence can significantly improve the aesthetics of your bar. It shows good style when you bring out your decanter to pour some whiskey for your friends. While it is understandable if you want to show off your bottle of Wild Turkey whiskey, however for your everyday brands, using a decanter is somewhat classy. 

It is essential to add that wine and whiskey decanters are pretty different. While wines are usually put in decanters to encourage interaction between liquid and air, also called oxygenation or oxidation, this is not usually the case for whiskeys. 

With oxygenation, the taste of a wine can change for the better or for worse if you’re not very careful; the taste of a bottle of whiskey hardly ever changes with exposure to air. This can be attributed to wines having higher tannin and lower alcohol contents than whiskeys. 

Hence while wine decanters are built to aid oxygenation, whiskey decanters are durable and aesthetically pleasing.

Why you should use a whiskey decanter 

There are several great reasons to consider using a whiskey decanter.

1. The Perfect Whiskey

The perfect whiskey differs from person to person because we have different tastes and want different things in our whiskey. You can blend your whiskey brands with a decanter to create that perfect taste. It’s fine if you’re one of those that considers this act a sacrilege. However, if you’re more daring, you should try this.

2. Control

Decanters come in different sizes. With this ability, you can get a small size that ensures you don’t drink more than necessary. This helps to control how much whiskey you take. 

This control is also useful when friends come around because it helps to ensure they don’t drink more than you want them to.

3. Preservation

Whiskey decanters are perfect for storage. They help extend the life and quality of your whiskey. This is because an open whiskey bottle allows oxidation to occur because of the ease of entry of oxygen into the bottle, eventually lowering the whiskey’s quality. Taking more of your whiskey leaves more space for air in the bottle, causing oxidation to occur more quickly.

This is not the case in a decanter because they usually have airtight stoppers and are kept full; less air will interact with your whisky, increasing the whiskey’s shelf life.

4. Aesthetics

Whiskey decanters are gorgeous to look at. They make your bar very appealing and keep your guests guessing about the content of the decanter. While doing this, they show the clarity of your liquor which the original bottles fail to do. 

There’s an extensive range of decanter designs to pick from, making it easy to choose something that fits your style in terms of durability and design.

Using Whiskey Decanters

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First, when buying a whiskey decanter, you should ensure its cap has a tight seal. You should also make sure that it’s big enough for your use. If you choose to store whiskey in crystal decanters, be careful to keep any extra whiskey overnight and drink it the next day. 

This is because decanters made of lead crystal have trace levels of lead that will eventually contaminate the spirits.

Moving on, you should keep whiskey in the decanter briefly. Only the necessary amount must be decanted, as well as any additional portions you could consume if you have visitors. If you want to avoid refilling the decanters after just one drink, you could always purchase two or three more and fill them with whiskey. 

Keep an eye out for any strange floaters that form in your decanter and for dust, mildew, and mold. If you discover any of these, discard the leftover liquid, clean the decanter, and ensure the cover fits snugly when closed. 

It’s necessary to get a new decanter if air can get inside the bottle. Fill your decanter again with your whiskey if it still has an airtight seal for a fresh addition to your bar. Also, it would be best to clean the decanter occasionally, regardless of whether you notice molds.


Crafting the perfect whiskey is a delicate process, and using a decanter is an integral part. Ensure you get a decanter that suits your style and is safe.

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