4 Ways to Use AI to Achieve Your Health Goals

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Maintaining a healthy lifestyle requires eating well, exercising, finding strategies to cope with stress and seeking help when needed. All this requires effort and planning. AI can make it easier to help you reach your health goals and develop good habits. Here are four ways it does that. 

Wear Fitness Trackers

Fitness trackers are typically found as watches or bracelets, but you might want to be more discreet or stylish regarding wearable technology. You can try fitness rings that connect to your phone and track your heart rate and movement. These items can help you improve your sleep habits or determine the activities and exercise that works best for you, whether yoga, running or strength workouts. 

The collected data lets you share your health history accurately when you go for checkups or doctor’s appointments. Most fitness rings are waterproof, so you can keep them on when you shower or swim. 

Use Apps for Mindfulness and Mental Health Support

Mindfulness can help you manage stress, cope with difficult situations and increase your happiness by focusing on the present. Apps like Calm and Headspace provide mindfulness exercises and customized meditations that contribute to your mental well-being. 

You can also try virtual therapy or AI counseling chatbots for advice and tips to help you cope with stress, anxiety or depression. These bots can help you strengthen your mental health, along with care provided by a licensed therapist or counselor.  

Plan Your Meals

Planning your meals saves money, helps you maintain a balanced diet and eliminates unhealthy eating habits. ChatGPT can help you customize a meal plan based on your dietary needs, such as limiting your calories and the amount of protein you consume. The bot can also cater to food restrictions, including if you are vegan or have a nut allergy. You can use a prompt like this to create a personalized grocery list: 

“I would like a meal plan for the week. It needs to have three meals and two snacks daily. I need to have a certain amount of vegetables and at least one fruit every day. I don’t eat fish or eggs. Create a grocery list from the meal plan.” 

Just remember that CHATgpt should be a guide and not medical advice. Visit a nutritionist or a doctor if you are struggling to eat well or need help. 

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Stick to Your Healthy Eating Goals

You can use AI to help you manage your daily meals. Insert your recipes into the Weekly Meal Planner app on your iPhone. When you want to cook, say, “Hey, Siri, what should I make for dinner?” Siri will select a meal randomly from your list. It can also read you a recipe and instructions, so you don’t have to touch your phone while you make meatballs or mix ingredients for the gluten-free cake recipe you’re trying. 

You may also need to add an item to your list for your next shopping trip. Use this feature and tell Siri to “add potatoes to my groceries list.” Ensure you have a reminder or notes titled “grocery list” in your phone. 

Achieve Your Health Goals Using AI 

These are some apps, devices and functions on your smartphone that you can use to make maintaining a healthy lifestyle easier. Setting up a helpful AI tool will get you on your way to tracking your health and building good habits.

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