Natural Treatment Promotes Hair Growth

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Hair loss affects most people and men in particular. Hair might thin or gradually recede over time, or it might occur much more rapidly in a more abrupt manner. Hair loss does not have to be permanent and might even grow back naturally. More often, though, treatment is necessary to spur hair regrowth, and immediate treatment is required to prevent permanent hair loss.

Many Hair Restoration Scams Exist

Hair restoration products and treatments have existed for nearly as long as people have experienced hair loss. Most of them are useless, which is why there is no one proven treatment or product that has endured over the years. Many hair restoration scams exist that are created for the sole purpose of scamming people to generate a quick profit. Most of them use highly aggressive promotions and promise fast results that are virtually impossible to obtain. Fortunately, science is showing some promising treatments exist, including those using platelet-rich fibrin, which we examine more closely below. 

 Platelet-Rich Fibrin Treatments Show Promise

It is possible to counteract the effects of hair loss with platelet rich fibrin (PRF), which is showing an ability to make dormant hair follicles active again. PRF is a by-product of platelet-rich plasma. Medical doctors have used PRF to help accelerate healing in damaged tissue by flooding the affected tissue with platelets. The platelets contain beneficial minerals and other nourishment that helps to reactivate dormant cells and promote cellular growth and regeneration. A similar process helps to spur hair regrowth with virtually no bad side effects because PRF is a natural substance and not a manufactured medicine.

How PRF Hair Loss Treatment Works

The application of PRF treatment in hair loss is proving to be very promising and has a lot of scientific studies backing it as a proven method to spur natural hair growth. A PRF hair loss treatment can stimulate hair growth within the cells of dormant hair follicles and produce impressive results. The treatment includes drawing your blood and isolating a platelet-rich plasma from it. That plasma contains PRF and is injected into portions of your scalp where hair has stopped growing.

Upon injection, the PRF floods dormant hair follicles and hair cells with growth factors that regenerate dormant hair follicles. Those follicles become active ones that produce hair once again. The PRF also helps to improve your active hair follicles. You would need more than one PRF treatment, but the procedures are relatively non-invasive and produce very little discomfort. Although injections are done, they are shallow injections and painless, and PRF is clinically proven to be safe and effective. 

The treatment starts by drawing some of your blood, which is the most invasive part and what is most likely to cause discomfort. That discomfort is no different than you would feel from most types of injections, although nothing is injected. Once the blood is drawn, a centrifuge machine separates the plasma and other growth factors that then are used for the PRF hair loss treatment.

Common Causes of Hair Loss that PRF Counteracts

Many people do experience hair loss relatively early in their adult years, but just about everyone shows hair loss by the time they become seniors. There are many common causes of hair loss, which might be from male pattern baldness, hereditary, or stress. Other factors also might play into hair loss, including your diet, hygiene, and the type of work that you do. 

If you are noticing hair loss, you don’t have to just accept it. PFR treatment is showing proven results that could help you to maintain your hairline and possibly regrow missing hair and regain some of that lost hair. PRF hair loss treatment is one of the more promising developments in hair restoration and is available near where you live. 

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