Tips to Look After Your Ears in 2023

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Looking after your ears is important. Although you might believe that ear problems are solely for seniors, this is not the case, and you can get infections, ear damage, and hearing loss from a young age if you do not take steps to protect your ears. Here are some of the best tips that you should follow to make sure your ears stay in good health in 2023. 

Get Excess Ear Wax Removed

Ear wax is a sign of healthy ears as it can prevent bacteria from entering your ear and stop dust and other particles from clogging up your ear. Ear wax is not usually a concern for most people and will fall out of its own accord. However, in some cases, ear wax can build up in the ear canal and lead to hearing loss and an extremely painful ear. If you feel as if there is a blockage in your ear and this is affecting the quality of your hearing, you should consider using an ear wax removal service. This service can ensure that any excess ear wax is syringed out of the ear. You might have to have this performed regularly if you continue to have problems with wax building up in your ear.

Be Careful When Swimming 

If you regularly exercise in your local pool, you should realize that this can potentially harm your ears, especially if they are left wet for long periods of time. Swimmer’s ear is an infection that can be caused by bacteria that has developed in the ear after it has been left damp. To prevent swimmer’s ear from occurring, you should wear a cap when you are swimming, dry off when you get out of the pool, and use earplugs if you are going to be swimming for an extended period. You might also consider investing in ear drops which can help to keep your ears dry after swimming. 

Avoid Using Cotton Swabs 

Many people clean their ears using cotton swabs. Although this can be a quick and easy way to clean your ears, cotton swabs can damage the inside of your ear, especially if you stick them in too far, and can even push wax further into the ear, doing the exact opposite of what you are trying to do. Instead, if you feel the need to clean your ears, which generally stay clean on their own, you should use a damp cloth to do so or consider putting a drop of olive oil inside your ear

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Stay in Quiet Environments

To prevent you from prematurely developing hearing loss, you should try to avoid loud places, such as concerts and festivals, and you should turn the sound down on your devices. If you are often in loud locations, such as if you work with power tools, you should consider using protective equipment, such as earplugs, to protect your ears and prevent the sound from becoming too much for them

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