Turn Your Dog into a Guardian of the Galaxy on Your Phone Case

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If you value your dog as an essential part of your life, you should include them in nearly all your daily activities. Spending time with them is not enough; you can go ahead and make them your devices’ wallpapers. If that is not enough, you can include them in the phone’s casing by imprinting their image on your phone’s casing. Whenever you get out your phone, you will always see the dogs; pic. This is a good way to maintain a long-term memory of your pet.

To communicate how essential your do is, you can also make them a hero by adding them to your Guardians of the Galaxy phone casing theme. To do so, all you have to do is take the dog’s best pic, select a matching theme, and pay for someone to customize the new phone case. 

Customizing your phone casing has many benefits: choosing the best pictures to include, material quality, and establishing a long-term memory of your dog. If you are interested in one, here are some guidelines to help. 

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A Perfect Casing for Your Device

Normally, phone cases are never meant to last longer since most are made from cheaper rubber materials. After a while, they begin fading and losing taste; hence, you must constantly replace them. Rather than going through all that trouble, you can select and customize one that lasts longer. The benefit of customization is that you can select the material quality before the cases are imprinted into your favorite themes.

If you love your dog so much, why not give them a chance to be a part of your life by including them in the phone case? The custom dog phone case will not be based on any other dog but your own. You will need your dog’s best pic and send it to be integrated into the phone’s casing. 

To give your dog some heroic attributes, you can adopt a Guardian of Galaxy theme for the cover, with your dog at the center of it all. To get this perfect dog phone case cover, carefully take the dog’s pic and send a Guardian of Galaxy theme that matches the pic. The result is your dog having similar traits as Rocket, one of the most powerful galaxy heroes.

Since everything is customized, there is always a perfect size for every device. Whether you have an Android or iPhone, you will always get the perfect casing for the phone. All you have to do is give the phone variation, i.e., the type and maybe size. From there, the customization team will select and customize existing plain covers. If the size is unavailable, a new one will be customized. 

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How to Customize Your Phone’s Case?

Before you customize the phone case, select a team with expertise and some experience. There are many customizers; however, not all customize the best phone casing you need. Therefore, you must review some of their samples before selecting the perfect team. The best team for the job must capture all the imprints in high-quality details without messing with the picture attributes. 

Also, read about the materials used to make the covers.

Here are some material qualities to consider: It should be tougher and thicker to protect your phone in case of falls. It should absorb all the shock and vibration and protect the phone. It should not be too hard, making it rigid and harder to fit the phone. 

Ensure it is flexible and made of high-quality material to last longer. A perfect cover should embrace the blend of rubber and plastic. This makes the imprint stick easily and never fade, even when the phone drops in water or is rained on. 

After finding the perfect person to customize the phone casing, send details about your phone. Based on the details, they automatically know your phone size. Focus on taking the best pic of your dog, or you can select one of the best pic in your gallery and then share it with the team. 

Based on the picture, you can browse the customization site to select your favorite Guardian of Galaxy theme. If you do not see any attractive or matching ones, you can share the ones you have on your phone.

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The team go through the shared details and update you about the progress. With all the details shared, the team can create the best phone casing. Once all is done, you will get details about the shipment.

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Why Customize Your Phone Casing

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There is a significant risk in buying ready-made phone cases. One is that the materials, ink, and other products may not be environmentally friendly. Since your phone is sometimes stored in your pocket, you should select one made of sustainable materials that would not lead to illnesses. The other challenge with ready-made products is that it can take too long before you get the perfect case for your phone. You will often end up with a plain color, which appears boring. 

With a customized phone casing, you can simultaneously capture your love for your dog and the Guardians of the Galaxy. Most Guardian of the Galaxy cases come with movie heroes like Groot and Rocket. For the first time, you can create a new hero. That hero is your dog and the new Guardian of the Galaxy family member. 


Dogs love recognition; seeing themselves on your phone cover generally appease their feelings and emotions. For maximum effect and benefit, you should select the best team with experience in customization. 

You should also share the best details, like high-quality images and matching themes, and select the best phone case material that last longer. 

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