Before you see Angela, you’re more likely to hear her. She is a product of her mother’s interesting (and somewhat hippy) approach to parenting, which sought to make sure she was heard, even when other people did not want to hear her; that parenting style created a somewhat sassy individual who geeks out for Star Wars, books of all genres, and all things political. A resident and lover of Northern Virginia since she was born, she lost her mind and decided going to school in Kentucky would be a good idea, and she was right! As a political science major with a pre-law focus she likes to spend her evenings watching trial footage and reading the news from the four different media sources that come straight to her phone. She likes political parties, and loves listening to them argue back and forth, but mostly she believes that America was founded on the principle of mutual respect for differing opinions, which is why she can be seen arguing for both sides of the isle. But mostly she just watches videos of sleepy kittens and grumpy cat memes.

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