Catherine Lu

Born and raised in Southern California, Catherine has always been enthralled by the power of stories in films, television shows, and books. Having grown up in perpetual sunshine, her penchant for sweaters remains a mystery. Her loves include her family, friends, Lucky, and books. She has probably listened to the High School Musical soundtracks more than any other individual you’ve ever met. Once a wildcat, always a wildcat! And unlike Zac Efron, she means it. Speaking of music, she is forever and always an unapologetic Swiftie. And as a hopeless romantic, she has unreasonably high standards. Case in point, you have to be an English spy with an amazing jawline, own an adorable pug, and have starred in a movie with Colin Firth. Or you could just be Captain America or Kellar Banks. All are perfectly acceptable options. As a daydreamer, she loves writing a mix of personal narratives with a dash of fiction just to spice things up. To this day, she strives to live on the bright side.

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